2 Jul 2015

What TV Are You Watching This Summer?

I am a self-confessed couch potato. There, I've said it. I do like to park my bottom on a comfy sofa and watch television as much as the next person. Some days, if things are particularly bad, I even catch myself dreaming about a place in the sun, home or away. Although I have never been that badly hit as to take refuge in the inane natter of a certain Mr. Kyle. 

There are a handful of TV programmes that I refuse to miss. Even if it means catching them after they have aired. Or wrestling J and M for the remote control at times. I think, and you might agree, my picks will look utterly spectacular on a large TV set like these from Panasonic curve televisions UK

What TV Are You Watching This Summer?

30 Jun 2015

A Minions Birthday Party by Party Bags and Supplies

Minions! They seem to be everywhere at the moment. It is almost as if the whole world has been taken over by these cute little dungaree-clad yellow characters.

Our J has been caught up in the Minion frenzy, as am I. It is hard not to like anything that goes, "Ba-boy!" Little wonder then, that when it came to choosing a theme for J's fourth birthday party, my son piped up with, "Minions!"

Minions Despicable Me Happy Birthday Party BannerMinions Despicable Me 17in Happy Birthday Foil Balloon

26 Jun 2015

Paint and Play Dinosaurs by InterPlay UK

J continues to be fascinated with dinosaurs, so I have little choice but to carry on with the dinosaur theme for now. We had the Noisy Dinosaur book a few days back. And now we have a Paint and Play Dinosaurs set from Interplay UK.

Paint and Play Dinosaurs by InterPlay UK
Paint and Play Dinosaurs by InterPlay UK

24 Jun 2015

Out Of Africa by Yankee Candle

I love candles. There is something entirely soothing about the soft halo of light that surrounds a flickering wick as it floats in a sea of molten wax.

Yankee Candle have always been a huge favourite of mine. I love the variety they offer, both in terms of innovative fragrances and jar sizes. I always seem to find something to suit my mood and time of day.

Yankee Candle have recently launched the Out Of Africa candle collection. It is available to buy right away as a Votive Happiness Box, with jars being released later in July. The box contains one votive each of the four Out Of Africa fragrances.

Out Of Africe by Yankee Candle

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