12 Oct 2016

Delicious Homemade Yoghurt with EasiYo

“Mmm, this is delicious. Does it have real strawberries in it, Aai?” J quipped, as he sat tucking into a bowl of yoghurt after dinner one day.
“It does taste of them, doesn’t it?” I couldn’t help marvel at the refreshing taste and delightful texture of the otherwise humble offering in front of me.

How could a bowl of yoghurt induce such an impassioned conversation between a family of regular yoghurt eaters? 

Delicious Homemade Yoghurt with EasiYo

9 Oct 2016

The Tale of the Troublesome Toothache

Aargh! My tooth hurts! The dratted thing has been poked and prodded many times over the years. I even managed to see some humour in my agonising gnashers and penned a few verses as an ode to my crumbling teeth. (Read it here if funny poems are your thing or you just fancy a chuckle).

                   The Tale of the Troublesome Toothache

Just as I was being lulled into a sense of complacency about its existence, the pain has once again reared its ugly head. I can’t bite, I can’t chew, I can’t even gargle as anything cold jangles my already jarred dental nerves into a defensive frenzy.

4 Oct 2016

Fluffy Rice Every Time with The Smart Steamer Lid

I have a problem with cooking rice. It is undoubtedly one of the easiest things to cook and equally easy to get wrong.

Fluffy Masala Rice with The Smart Steamer Lid

We are a family of rice eaters. Think beautiful, fragrant, long-grain Basmati rice. We eat it with most things and on most days. Be it with a simple lentil dal or a spiced Indian curry, rice features heavily in our family’s diet.

2 Oct 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: September Update

Sky Blanket took a break last month, what with it being the summer holidays and all. But I am back with the crochet this month, so here's the September update in this mammoth year-long project.

Sky Blanket 2016: September Update

30 Sep 2016

Celebrate Grandparents Day with Thomas Land, Drayton Manor Park

Have you made any plans to celebrate National Grandparents Day this Sunday? Why not have a fantastic day out as a family at Drayton Manor Park and Thomas Land, especially as Grandparents go free on the day when accompanied by a grandchild*.

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