Creating at Pre-school

Anybody who has been following my ramblings through parenthood will be aware of a major milestone we reached in 2014. J started at pre-school. And after a few tears (his and mine), we have now settled down nicely in this new important chapter of our lives.

Pre-school brings with it the usual rounds of bugs, birthdays and boisterous behaviour. It also brings a whole new world of independence, exploration and creativity. As I have been discovering these last few weeks.

They planted cress seeds in used-up pudding pots. J brought his experiment home one day and we left it on our kitchen window. It has now sprouted lovely green shoots, ready to be eaten in an egg sandwich.

They tried their hands at still-life painting. J's very artistic take on a vase of daffodils now occupies pride of place in the C-home.

Not forgetting his first ever work of art that found its way home from pre-school. A very inspiring geometric design incorporating the one thing J knows and loves. And can draw with his crayons. Big fat Os.

Last, but by no means the least, is another proud possession. J's first craft creation from pre-school. 

I am one very proud Mother.
Mini Creations

J Speaks Dinosaurs

All About Dinosaurs: 

There comes a time in every parent's life when the world starts revolving around dinosaurs. My time has come, my time is now.

For J now believes that dinosaurs are omnipresent and are responsible for every audible, visible and imaginary phenomenon under the sun. 

He no longer roars like a lion; he roars like a dinosaur. We don't have monsters under our bed. We have, that's right, dinosaurs. There are dinosaurs in our garden, in our shed, in our street. They have taken over our home and our lives. 

Unsurprisingly enough, dinosaurs feature heavily in our conversations too. A snippet of what has recently passed:

"There is a dinosaur outside the window, Aai!"

J: Dinosaur eat J.
Me: No, J. It will not eat you.
J: Dinosaur eat Aai?
Me: No, I don't think it will eat me.
J: Dinosaur eat Baba?
Me: No, J. I don't think it will eat Baba either. 
A look of utter disappointment on J's face.

"Aai, put your legs up! Up! Dinosaur coming!" J telling me to lift my feet off the floor and prop them on the edge of the bed like he has done. Because, "Dinosaur coming! Dinosaur coming outside!"

"J go see dinosaur. In summer?" Maybe, if we can invent a time-machine in the next couple of months and travel back in time a few million years. Or at least get on the train to go see dino skeletons at the Natural History Museum.


32 permanent teeth of mine
Chew, bite, eat and dine
Been around a good few years
Abused by sugar, tea and beers
My full set of two and thirty
All caried and decayed, rotten and dirty
Niggling pains, nagging aches
Malaligned and a few breaks.