23 Jan 2017

How to Crochet a Ruffle Flower in Minutes

The big Sky Blanket crochet project is done, and I am in no mood to snuff out my re-kindled passion for the craft. I don’t want to take on another marathon project this year. What I intend to do is crochet a wide range of crochet clothes and accessories instead.

Starting with this beautiful uneven ruffle flower. It is super easy to make, but can add that extra dimension to most anything.

How to Crochet a Ruffle Flower in minutes

19 Jan 2017

I Am Her

It was a struggle for me to write this piece. Not because it brings to mind the injustice that has been meted out to women through the ages. But because nothing much seems to have changed despite years of apparent progress.

I may not be physically able to participate in the Women’s March happening across the world on 21 January, but I stand in solidarity with the principles behind it.

I Am Her

16 Jan 2017

Online Money Collections made Easy with Leetchi

Have you ever been that person who is always in charge of collections? Whether in the workplace or at home, are you always the one looking after that money envelope? And the list of who has given what and how much?

Perhaps it is time to move on from the hassle of it all with Leetchi.

I have gone all tech-savvy and been crowdfunding for an upcoming birthday. Here is how I got on.

15 Jan 2017

13 Jan 2017

Make That Start!

The story goes something like this
Of a person that I knew
Who sat on the sofa every day
Wondering what to do...

Make that Start!

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