30 Jan 2015

Snow Celebrations

A kiss and a cuddle
Me and my Snowman

My three year old little boy has given me cause to celebrate every day since the day I found out I was going to be his Mum. 

This is the beauty of being a parent. There are so many reasons that call for a celebration. Big ones, little ones, the really important ones, and the ones that are considered really important. 

Like properly experiencing snow for the very first time. Not the little flurry that lasted all of ten minutes. And not that time when it was so late in the evening, all you could do was sit at the window and watch as it enveloped dark silhouettes in its silver cloak.

Today was different. The snow started falling even before breakfast was done. The cold grey sky, heaving under its burden, looked ready to burst. 

And so the snow fell, on and on through the morning, large flakes tumbling down thick and fast. Till all was covered in a pristine blanket of incandescent white.

All that remained was to wrap up in woolly layers and head out to revel in the warmth that only a first snowfall can radiate.

Then there was the business of throwing snowballs, using the Mother for target practice. She was game enough, what with it being another monumental first. 

Until she had had enough and threatened immediate withdrawal from the scene of action and a capping of all further snow-related fun. 

The focus shifted immediately to the more sedate task of building a snowman. Another first worthy of celebration. 

There was much snow-rolling, patting, pruning and thumping, before a vaguely snowmanesque shape emerged from the mounds of white that were beginning to form all around. 

The best thing about a first is that there is no precedent to follow. So even when shrivelled leaves become eyes and a lump of snow becomes the nose, the end result is still endearing in all its frozen entirety. 

Enough to warrant a kiss and a cuddle.


28 Jan 2015

Spring, already?

School Run Colours
Is it spring already,
In the middle of January?

Dipping temperatures, snow
Pink buds on every bough
A vibrant visual feast
Confusing, to say the least!

Shivering bones belie
Sights that greet the eye
No cause yet to rejoice
Toes as cold as ice.

How then, this burst of pink,
An aberration, you think?
A fallout of global warming
The cause of every problem.

A plant too eager to show
Pretty pink buds on every bough
What's a little hail or snow
Swathed warm in spring's glow.

But it can't be spring, really
Not at the end of January.

School Run Colours
Prose for Thought

27 Jan 2015

School Run Colours 28 Jan 2015

Welcome to a brand new edition of School Run Colours. If you, like me, have decided to undergo a lifestyle change for the better, this link-up is the one thing that is likely to keep you going.

Think about it. Walk the school (or work or errand) run instead of driving the car. You save a few (petrol) pennies, you shed a few (weight) pounds. A win-win if you ask me. 

There is more. Take the opportunity to admire your surroundings, appreciate the colours that abound even on the darkest of evenings and let it ignite that dormant creative spark. Perhaps to take a photograph or to pen a few words. 

If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read more about it here.  To find out how I ended up being inspired to start this linky, please visit my previous post School Run Colours - My Brand New Linky

I would love it if you add the School Run Colours badge to your post, and if you follow me on twitter (@vaichin). Please use the hashtag #SchoolRunColours when sharing your posts on social media, so we can spread the word. I will be pinning all linked up posts to my Pinterest board School Run Colours. It will be great if you could follow the board too. One last thing. Please visit and comment on fellow linkers' posts, so we are sharing the comment love.

A huge thank you to Bek and Pixiedusk for linking up last week. I hope we can continue to do School Run Colours together, picking up more like-minded people along the way. 

School Run Colours

25 Jan 2015

The Weekend Box: Review & Trial Code

J and I were both delighted and excited in equal measures when the Weekend Box arrived through our letterbox and landed on the doormat some time last week. Our Aztec themed box was preceded by an email from the team (they will always email you a list of ingredients before your box arrives, just so you are prepared for when it does), listing all the things that we would need to get started with the cooking section of our Weekend Box. The list was not long, just four ingredients, two of which were chocolate! No wonder we were delighted and excited to get started with our box.

The Weekend Box

The Phantom Listeners by Lydia Kakabadse: Review and Giveaway

The Phantom Listeners by Lydia Kakabadse
I love music, always have, always will. There are certain genres I gravitate to more than others depending on the time of day. Classical music, be it Western or Hindustani, has always featured heavily on my aural list. I enjoy both the traditional as well as contemporary forms, in addition to well-orchestrated fusion music if it does justice to all the influences that it draws from. Lydia Kakabadse's new album, The Phantom Listeners, qualifies on all these fronts and more.

Lydia grew up in a quiet market town in Cheshire, and has been composing music since the young age of thirteen. Working as a solicitor in previous years, she has a talent for writing both chamber and choral music. Drawing inspiration from a diverse range of influences such as Middle Eastern Music, mythology, nineteenth century poets and Latin literature, Lydia has concocted a potent five-piece album which is both majestic and chimerical.

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