11 Apr 2015

Chocolate Crafting at The Copthorne Hotel, Manchester

What is better than eating chocolate? Eating chocolate that you have crafted with your own fair hands. I'll be honest with you. I love chocolate be it dark, milk, with or without nuts, flavoured or plain. I have, on occasion, been known to eat white chocolate when there was no other on hand.

I have indulged in hand-crafted chocolate, but have never had the pleasure to craft my own. There is always a first time for everything. So when I was invited to attend a chocolate crafting event at The Copthorne Hotel in Manchester, I was not about to let my healthy-living conscience get in the way of what turned out to be a wonderfully gratifying experience.

The Copthorne Hotel, Salford Quays, Manchester

9 Apr 2015

Make Me A Will

Make Me A Will

"Do we need to make a will?" is a question that never once crossed my mind in my twenties. I did not think about a will when I got married, I did not think about making a will when we got our own home. All that changed after J was born.

Becoming a parent changes everything, it turns your life upside down and radically alters your perception. "We need to make a will," followed naturally.

You would wonder why, as generally healthy parents in their thirties, we were thinking of making a will. Like any normal parents, we had to ensure we were making adequate provisions for our child's future. And it wasn't just money that I was thinking about, though that is obviously an area of concern.

What we were most worried about was the question of guardianship in the event both of us, his natural parents, passed away (God forbid and touch wood!) The law is that even if there are obvious guardians in sight for the child, like grandparents or godparents, the courts intervene and decide who gets custody of children under 18.

8 Apr 2015

School Run Colours 08/04/15 - Pink

School Run Colours

Blossoming glory
rich in the pink of youth
Bleeding veins

These are my School Run Colours for this week. If you are new to the School Run Colours linky, you can read all about it here, including how to link up. 

Grab the Badge: 
School Run Colours

6 Apr 2015

Meditation and Spirituality - How I See It

Spirituality means different things to different people. To me, it is a balance between body and mind, an ideal, harmonious co-existence between a person and the Universe.

To attain this level of spiritual enlightenment is easier said than done. Not when the stresses of everyday life and extraneous factors completely without your control are constantly trying to wreck havoc with your sense of calm.

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