19 May 2015

Quay House Beefeater Grill and Restaurant

The sun is playing hide and seek behind a curtain of clouds as we make our way to the waterfront at Salford Quays. Oblivious to the cool wind, the watersports centre is bustling with people honing their skills. We pull our jackets close as we enter the warm and welcoming interiors of the Quay House Beefeater Grill and Restaurant.

Quay House Beefeater Grill and Restaurant

17 May 2015

Yondi Panda by Trunki

Our J loves to fall fast asleep in the car. The canny lad even times his naps to coincide with motorway journeys. “Are we going on a motorway, Aai?” invariably means, “I am really very sleepy, but will only do so once we hit the road. That way, I save precious play time.”

This was all okay till J moved out of his forward facing stage 1 car seat into a stage 2 booster with a much straighter back. Every time the child dozed off, his head would loll all the way forward till his nose almost touched his tummy. Not comfortable, even for a child whose flexibility rivals that of Lewis Smith.

Yondi Panda by Trunki

14 May 2015

What's The Time, Clockodile - Book Review

You know how hairdressers always have fascinating tales to share? Mine once told me about this lady who couldn't tell the time. She could in a way, but only using a digital watch. The poor thing could not read the hands of a traditional clock. My lovely hairdresser, bless her, attributed this to laziness. People just forget what they learned growing up in favour of easier options. Like reading a number display on a mobile phone or a digital watch instead of telling time off clock hands.

That may well be the case when my little J is all grown up. Why, people may have forgotten what a hand-written note looks like. It does not mean he should not learn to tell the time properly, using the big and little hands off the face of a clock.

                   What's The Time, Clockodile - a book by Little Tiger Press UK

There are ways and means to make telling time fun for little ones. What's The Time, Clockodile aims to do just that. This latest offering from the printers at Little Tiger Press UK aims to help children tell the time with a clickety-clackety clock.

10 May 2015

Bella Italia - a Restaurant Review

“I want to come here every day!” declares J as we sit tucking into the most delicious bread basket. The setting is Bella Italia in Didsbury, a bustling Manchester suburb. We are there on bank holiday Monday to check out the new refurbishment and enjoy a relaxed family meal.

Bella Italia, Italian restaurant in Didsbury

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