1 Dec 2016

Giving Back with ReverseAdvent

I am doing a #ReverseAdvent with the Co-op this year. I will add one non-perishable item of food to my Reverse Advent box every day from the 1st to the 24th of December.  I will then donate the box to our local Salvation Army.

Giving back with #ReverseAdvent

I am choosing to fill my box with food for a reason. My father used to say, “You can never satisfy a man’s hunger for money. But feed him well and he will be satiated at least for a time.”

29 Nov 2016

Stay Warm This Winter on a Budget

Temperatures are dipping and the cold nights are drawing in as we head into December.

We all want to have a cosy home in winter but none of us want the cost that comes with it. You can start by looking to switch energy providers. There are lots of great deals available and some even offer cashback when you switch.

There are lots of additional little things that you can do around the home that can keep those bills down and help createa warm environment in an energy efficient way. 

Here are a few easy tips and tricks that can help you stay warm this winter on a budget.

21 Nov 2016

Grandma's visit to Thomas Land

It is not often that we get a visit from J’s Aaji (Grandma, Nana). That’s because she lives 3000 miles away in India!
But she is here now, albeit for a very short time. And the idea behind her visit is to spend time with her only grandson, play with him and bond with him.

In order to make the most of this bonding experience, we decided to take her to the one place that J loves more than most. Thomas Land!

Grandma's visit to Thomas Land

18 Nov 2016

Christmas Crafts for Kids (with free printable)

Who else thinks November is too soon to put up the Christmas decorations? I like to wait until the first week of December to get going. But that does not stop me making my decorations in November.

You heard me. Making your own Christmas decorations is easier than you think. (There's a free printable at the end of the post to help).

Christmas Crafts for Kids

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