27 Sep 2016

A Christmas Blog On at MSI

Blog On was back for a second time this year, and it was Christmas themed. So off I went to the Museum of Science and Industry in Manchester, decked out in my bright red Christmas jumper and a sparkly Santa hat. Yes, all in September.

I thought I was going to be over-dressed and make a complete and utter fool of myself. But Blog On (and Laura, Tired Mummy of Two, by extension) never fail to deliver on a promise. We were promised a very Christmassy Blog On, and that is exactly what we got. From cheeky elves to mince pies and jingle bells to Christmas crackers, it was a great way to kick-start this year’s festive season.

A Christmas Blog On at MSI

19 Sep 2016

A Holiday of Firsts in The Lake District

The Lake District. It has been a home away from home for a long time now. M and I have some beautiful memories from our time spent wandering the fells.

We have long wanted to take our son for a visit and share this love with him. It was last summer (yes, it has taken me over a year to write this long over-due post) and J had been kitted out in a pair of handsome walking boots and waterproof jacket. He was all set for his first adventure in The Lake District.

18 Sep 2016

Easy 3-Step Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft

We are not particularly keen on Halloween in the C-house. It could be because I do not like the idea of departed souls roaming our streets at night. I’d rather they were all at peace wherever it is that departed souls are supposed to be.

Easy 3-Step Halloween Paper Pumpkin Craft

14 Sep 2016

Easy Eggless Biscuits (or Baked Shankarpale)

Ever since I attended a baking course last year, my baking has gone from strength to strength. Where I could only churn out the odd banana muffin, albeit with dollops of Nutella or handfuls of walnuts for added goodness, I can now confidently create chocolate cakes to a specific brief issued by my five year old.

Easy Eggless Biscuits (or Baked Shankarpale)

13 Sep 2016

Celebrating Roald Dahl Day

Today we celebrate Roald Dahl’s 100th birthday. There have been lots of celebrations happening throughout the year in honour of Roald Dahl 100. We have been proud to be associated with and participated in some of these.

Willy Wonka's Golden Ticket: Celebrating Roald Dahl Day

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