School Run Colours

Welcome to my brand new linky, School Run Colours.

School runs can be so chaotic. Everyone in a rush, a race against time. So much so, that we often overlook and fail to admire our surroundings. When was the last time you noticed the hues of blue in the sky?

You do not have to be out in the open countryside in the middle of spring; there is inspiration all around us no matter what the time of year, no matter where you live.

I am starting this linky in the hope that it will prompt you to ditch the car (if you haven't already) in favour of walking/running/cycling/jogging/scooting to school, and so have the opportunity to breathe in and be inspired by the myriad of colours that are all around us.

Perhaps to take a photograph or to pen a few words. 

All I ask is that you capture the essence of those colours and share it here. You can link up an image, a photograph, a poem, an essay, an experience, an adventure, anything you like. And yes, grey is a colour. As is black, white, purple and green.

If you no longer do the school run, well, just find an excuse to swap the car for a walk. Just make sure the colours are captured when you are without your car.

If you, like me, have decided to undergo a lifestyle change for the better, this link-up is the one thing that is likely to keep you going. Think about it. Walk the school (or work or errand) run instead of driving the car. You save a few (petrol) pennies, you shed a few (weight) pounds. A win-win if you ask me. 

If you wish to read more about the inspiration behind this linky, you can do so here.

Now the bit about the linky rules:

Please link up only one post, new or old, per week.  I would love it if you add the School Run Colours badge to your post, and if you follow me on twitter (@vaichin). Please use the hashtag #SchoolRunColours when sharing your posts on social media, so we can spread the word. I will be pinning all linked up posts to my Pinterest board School Run Colours. It will be great if you could follow the board too. One last thing. Please visit and comment on fellow linkers' posts, so we are sharing the comment love.

I will be here every Wednesday morning at 7o'clock with new #SchoolRunColours. The linky will stay open till the following Tuesday 6pm. I hope you will join me with your own #SchoolRunColours. x

Grab the #SchoolRunColours badge:

School Run Colours


  1. Lovely linky. I came across your badge on Glimmer of hope's site and I thought i'd add it to my free add linky pin board.

    My child is not yet school age but It's good to know that I can share about the colours I encounter on my way from work, I instagram some of these from time too. I might put together a weekly post about my work walk colours :-)

    1. I would be delighted to have you link up x


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