31 May 2018

Moving Forward with Rambling Through Parenthood

I have been away from the blog and all social media for nearly a month now and I have to say, it has done me a world of good.

The pressure of page views, followers and numbers had reached a point where it was oppressive, almost suffocating. The added burden of GDPR compliance fed into my growing resolve to do away with my blog completely. I deleted several drafts and binned my small collection of poems in what was an attempt to give it all up. But I could not bring myself to delete Rambling Through Parenthood.

Call it providence, call it good fortune, I am glad I didn’t do it. Nearly 5 years of sweat and toil would have disappeared in an instant, causing more heartache than the loss of a few verses.

Moving Forward with Rambling Through Parenthood

I have, however, come to an important decision about moving forward with Rambling Through Parenthood. The name stays, for as a mother to my son, that is what I do. There are old parenting battles and new parenthood dilemmas to tackle every day.

What is set to change is the time I spend on the blog and social media. Numbers are no longer a priority. For what is the point of a mega-successful parenting blog if I fail to be an accomplished parent! I can no longer justify time spent in front of a screen when there are other, more pressing matters demanding my attention. Like going out on a challenging bicycle ride or spending a delightful day with my son. I will be doing all the things that I love to do without the pressure of documenting every single detail on the blog.

I am, in my heart, a very private person. I cannot bring myself to share intimate moments of my life with the universe. Never have, never will. Which sort of defeats the purpose of a blog.

So why continue? Because I love to write.  Just write.

I have never been one to bow to convention and I am not about to start now. I will write. As I have always wanted to. Not confirming to social media algorithms, SEO tactics or analytics. But for the joy of it. What will the future bring? I shall wait and see.

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