29 May 2018

Little Wins This Week #14

Little Wins This Week is about remembering that little things add up to make a big difference. It is about counting small blessings, however insignificant they may seem. Little Wins is about being mindful, staying positive and making each day count.

Little Wins This Week #14

I was incredibly sore after a 34 mile bicycle ride last Sunday. But the sun was shining on Monday morning, and I couldn’t help but get out cycling again. Much to my surprise, my legs weren’t as sore as I expected. I was able to push myself and achieve an average speed of 12.1 mph. Again, may not sound like much, but it is my best average speed to date.

I cycled the same route again on Saturday, and guess what. I achieved a personal best average speed of 12.6!

Perhaps it’s the heat, perhaps it’s the realisation that I need to lose weight and fast, but I have managed to cut down on junk snacking this week. I bought lots of fresh fruit and veg as part of the weekly shop, along with tubs of hummus and cartons of egg. I have turned to these healthy options when needed.

After six days of sensible behaviour, a meltdown was imminent. When it happened, I was able to stay calm and composed. Thanks to the 10 minutes of mindfulness meditation every day, I could be the peaceful parent I am striving to become.

We have cousins visiting over half term. They arrived on the weekend and it’s been a couple of days of happy chaos. J is enjoying getting to know some of the extended family.

J turns 7 soon, and the pressure is on to sort out his birthday party. I booked it this week, so the invitations go out before half term and everyone has plenty of time to sort out their diaries.

These are my Little Wins This Week. What have yours been?

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