20 May 2018

Little Wins This Week #13

A month has gone by since my last Little Wins This Week and a lot has happened in that time. There have been some positives, a few negatives and lots of Little Wins. 

Little Wins This Week #13

We went on our first family camping trip. Having never been camping as a child, both M and I were apprehensive. But the gorgeous bank holiday weather and the picturesque Lake District provided the perfect backdrop for what turned out to be the ideal introduction to camping. We had fabulous friends who helped us with practical advice and made the experience truly memorable.

Training for the Way of The Roses cycle ride is continuing in earnest. I have clocked up in excess of 200 miles on the road bike, doing 67.5 miles just this week. It has been hard work, but I hope it makes me fit enough to tackle those hills when the time comes!

I have enrolled on a creative writing course and am enjoying spending time with like-minded people. We are working on writing a short story, something I haven’t done in a very long time and almost forgotten how to. The course has come at a time when I was thinking of deleting my blog and it has inspired me to keep going. I am falling in love with writing all over again, and for that, I am thankful.

My son has enrolled for the Little Stars Cricket sessions this year. We only found out about them late last year, but managed to get a place this year. I am so glad he did, for he is loving it.

We have started practicing mindfulness meditation as a family. Nothing complex, just 5 minutes every morning where we sit together and watch our breathing. The thoughts invariably try to distract, but we are  learning to be inert observers. It is helping M and I in our quest to become peaceful parents. And I hope it is helping J become a more understanding son. Only time will tell.

These are my Little Wins This Week. What have yours been?

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