31 May 2018

Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom Jigsaw Puzzle Review

Ravensburger have come out with a brand new dinosaur jigsaw to mark the release of the new Jurassic World: Fallen Kingdom movie. It features a ferocious t-rex, triceratops and velociraptor and other fearsome dinosaurs as the puzzle picture.

Ravensburger are known for their quality products (we have reviewed the 100 piece Despicable Me 3 puzzle previously), and this jigsaw is no exception. The pieces are a great size, sturdy and made from what looks like fairly durable cardboard. The printed picture has a linen finish that minimises glare on the image and offers enhanced picture clarity. This jigsaw is made up of 100 pieces that link seamlessly, and measures 49 x 36 cms when complete.

I attempted making this jigsaw solo. Putting it together wasn’t as easy as I had anticipated. 

The border was easy enough to put together because the image is essentially a framed picture of dinosaurs. So it was a matter of piecing together the frame to finish off the border. The stud feature along the edge was an added help. The top two lines fell into place with ease, thanks to streaks of orange and red flames that guided me. It was the greens and browns in the middle that were tricky to decipher. I had to step away for a bit and come back to it. A break, a relaxed mindset and a refreshed outlook was all that was needed to piece together the remainder of this Jurassic jigsaw.

The completed picture is striking. The colours are vibrant and the attention to detail is amazing. Given my experience, I am not entirely convinced by the 6+ guidance on this puzzle. 6 year olds will need assistance from a grown-up to finish solving this jigsaw. Unless I am mistaken and am grossly underestimating the capabilities of six year olds! 

Anyway, if you like jigsaws and dinosaurs and are looking for a challenge, this Fallen Kingdom puzzle is just the thing. 

Disclosure: I was sent this puzzle for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

Moving Forward with Rambling Through Parenthood

I have been away from the blog and all social media for nearly a month now and I have to say, it has done me a world of good.

The pressure of page views, followers and numbers had reached a point where it was oppressive, almost suffocating. The added burden of GDPR compliance fed into my growing resolve to do away with my blog completely. I deleted several drafts and binned my small collection of poems in what was an attempt to give it all up. But I could not bring myself to delete Rambling Through Parenthood.

Call it providence, call it good fortune, I am glad I didn’t do it. Nearly 5 years of sweat and toil would have disappeared in an instant, causing more heartache than the loss of a few verses.

Moving Forward with Rambling Through Parenthood

I have, however, come to an important decision about moving forward with Rambling Through Parenthood. The name stays, for as a mother to my son, that is what I do. There are old parenting battles and new parenthood dilemmas to tackle every day.

What is set to change is the time I spend on the blog and social media. Numbers are no longer a priority. For what is the point of a mega-successful parenting blog if I fail to be an accomplished parent! I can no longer justify time spent in front of a screen when there are other, more pressing matters demanding my attention. Like going out on a challenging bicycle ride or spending a delightful day with my son. I will be doing all the things that I love to do without the pressure of documenting every single detail on the blog.

I am, in my heart, a very private person. I cannot bring myself to share intimate moments of my life with the universe. Never have, never will. Which sort of defeats the purpose of a blog.

So why continue? Because I love to write.  Just write.

I have never been one to bow to convention and I am not about to start now. I will write. As I have always wanted to. Not confirming to social media algorithms, SEO tactics or analytics. But for the joy of it. What will the future bring? I shall wait and see.

29 May 2018

Little Wins This Week #14

Little Wins This Week is about remembering that little things add up to make a big difference. It is about counting small blessings, however insignificant they may seem. Little Wins is about being mindful, staying positive and making each day count.

Little Wins This Week #14

I was incredibly sore after a 34 mile bicycle ride last Sunday. But the sun was shining on Monday morning, and I couldn’t help but get out cycling again. Much to my surprise, my legs weren’t as sore as I expected. I was able to push myself and achieve an average speed of 12.1 mph. Again, may not sound like much, but it is my best average speed to date.

I cycled the same route again on Saturday, and guess what. I achieved a personal best average speed of 12.6!

25 May 2018

Action Required: Would you like to stay in touch?

Hello, Readers and Email Subscribers

GDPR! No matter where in the world you are, you would have heard something about it by now.

GDPR comes into force today, and it requires me to update the way I run Rambling Through Parenthood. I now have a brand new Privacy Policy in place. Do pop over and have a read.

There is one more thing I really need to do.

When you signed up to receive email updates from Rambling Through Parenthood, all you ever got in your inbox was just that. An email every time I published a new blog post. I have never spammed you or sent out unsolicited emails. And I solemnly promise, I never will.

In return, all I ask is a small favour.

Please dash an email to ramblingthroughparenthood@gmail.com with 'STAY SUBSCRIBED' in the subject or body of the message.

That way, I will know for a fact that you wish to carry on receiving brand new post updates from me. If I don't hear back from you, I will sadly have to take you off my mailing list.

If at some point in the future you decide you have had enough of my ramblings in your inbox, just click on 'unsubscribe now' at the bottom of any email from Rambling Through Parenthood. A couple of clicks, and you will never hear from me again unless you choose to re-subscribe (which you can do via the little box on the right side of this page).

No matter what you choose, it has been a pleasure having you along on this writing journey. So for that, thank you.

20 May 2018

Little Wins This Week #13

A month has gone by since my last Little Wins This Week and a lot has happened in that time. There have been some positives, a few negatives and lots of Little Wins. 

Little Wins This Week #13

16 May 2018

Our Latest Haul of Children's Books

I have always extolled the virtues of reading books to/with children. Start them young and they develop a life-long love for the written word. Needless to say, reading is an integral part of our daily routine and books feature heavily as presents for birthdays, Diwali and Christmas.

A couple of years ago, we bought the Roald Dahl box-set off The Book People as a Christmas present for my then 5 year old boy. J is now nearly 7 and has devoured almost the entire set. So it was time to replenish our reading stock with age-appropriate children’s books.

Our Latest Haul of Children's Books - Harry Potter included!

9 May 2018

The Jungle Book Live at The Lowry

The Jungle Book by Rudyard Kipling is the classic tale of a boy raised in the jungle by a pack of wolves and his struggles to gain his human identity. There have been several different adaptations of this story over the years, some better than others. 

The newest version is a contemporary take on this old favourite by the Children’s Touring Partnership and Royal & Derngate, Northampton. It is on tour at the moment and we were privileged to watch the show at The Lowry, Salford Quays.

The show is a celebration of diversity. It addresses the challenges young people face when growing up, especially when they feel that they do not ‘fit in’ with the norm. The core message of the production is that it is okay to be different. We are all different in our own way. That is what gives us our individuality and makes us unique.

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