22 Mar 2018

Travelling Abroad When Pregnant: How to Make it Special

Although travelling abroad on holiday when pregnant may seem like a bad idea, it can actually be really good and relaxing – so long as you do it properly. Be sure to keep these tips in mind in order to make your pregnant travels extra special.

Travelling abroad on holiday when pregnant  can be great and relaxing – so long as you do it properly. Keep these tips in mind in order to make your pregnant travels extra special.

Choosing the right time to travel

It is important to travel at the right time during your pregnancy. Going abroad too early or too late in the pregnancy is best avoided. You may be too miserable with morning sickness and the like in the first trimester to actually enjoy the holiday. And most airlines will not let you fly beyond 32 weeks anyway! Some will ask for a doctor's certificate, so do check with the airlines before your fly.

The sweet spot is said to be the second trimester. So try and book your holiday somewhere between 18 and 28 weeks of your pregnancy. 

Travel with close friends and/or family

There are no better people to travel with than your closest friends and/or family. Not only will it make your trip a lot more enjoyable, but they will most likely ensure you and your bump are well looked after at all times.

Although travelling solo is often a very rewarding experience, it is probably best that you have people you trust by your side when you are pregnant.  It's just likely to make the experience a whole lot easier and happier.

Choose the perfect destination for you

One of the most important things in ensuring a special getaway is the destination you choose to visit. Pick somewhere that is easy to get to and that is suitable for a pregnant traveller – you won’t want to visit anywhere that’s too hot, too dangerous or too difficult to navigate.

Try and stick to somewhere close to home, if you can. A long-haul flight is terribly uncomfortable even at the best of times. So trying to cope with one while pregnant isn't a comforting prospect.

Keep your health at the forefront

Be considerate and listen to your body at all times. Liaise with your doctor before you go, as recommended by Holidaysafe. They will have the best advice for you depending on your chosen destination as well as how to cope with the trip. Be sure to ask what you should be packing in terms of medicines or other aids that could make your travels a lot easier. Carry your pregnancy notes and details of any medication that you are on, in case you need to access healthcare abroad.

Take the time to rest and recover

Most importantly, take time out to rest during your trip. Travelling is an exhausting activity for anyone, even more so when you are pregnant. Have an itinerary that allows plenty of time to relax and unwind. Make the most of this leisurely time before baby arrives!

Do you have any more tips for the perfect pregnancy getaway? Be sure to let us know in the comments below.

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