20 Mar 2018

Little Wins This Week #9

Little Wins This Week took a break last week. There were lots of little moments that I could have written about but couldn’t be bothered to. This is something that I am going to have to work on diligently. Procrastination is getting me nowhere. I think of lots of things that I want to write about but when it actually comes down to putting those ideas into words, I seem to lose the plot.
Regular readers of the blog may have noticed (if indeed I have any regularly readers) that I have not posted anything lately. My son was poorly and I was feeling stressed. He is much better now, as am I. So here we go again.

Click the photo for the Chocolate Cake recipe
If there is one indulgent chocolate cake recipe you need, it is this. Try it and you will know what I am on about. It may not be Pinterest perfect, but boy, does it taste awesome.

Lots of things have happened since the last Little Wins This Week.

I have managed to go nearly 2 weeks without eating chocolate. Cake doesn’t count though, especially home-baked, indulgent chocolate cake! The one that I baked to help a friend celebrate his 40th birthday. It may not be Pinterest perfect, but boy, does it taste awesome. I have said it before and I will say it again. If there is one chocolate cake recipe you need, it is this. Try it and you will know what I am on about.

I have had some fantastic gym sessions, where I clocked up more than 30 miles on the gym bike. M and I went into our local Evans cycle shop and bought road bikes for ourselves. I am waiting for the weather to improve so I can get out and about and put in the miles. I have to, if I am to get anywhere near the 170 miles of the Way of the Roses cycle ride.

I am trying out using the dictaphone on my iPhone to write up blog posts. It may be the way out of the lethargy that creeps in when I try typing on a computer. It may also be the way out of social media addiction. I hate to think of the time I have wasted scrawling mindlessly down my Facebook feed. I feel brain-dead by the end of it but because it is so addictive, I just keep doing it. I am seriously thinking of a social media detox. It will mean sacrificing blog promotion and readership. But if the alternative is my health and sanity, it’s a no-brainer, really.

One other thing that I have been trying out is putting pen to paper in an attempt to write better. I don’t know how, I don’t know why, but it seems to be working. It must be something to do with hand, eye and brain coordination and the way neuronal circuits work. Perhaps brain processing is better when the dominant hand moves on paper than when two hands type on the keyboard. Calls for further investigation, if it hasn’t been looked into already.

Home cooking has taken a back seat these last few days. There is a pattern here. Stress induces emotional eating and cooking avoidance. I prefer to go in for ready meals or takeaways. The recent trend has been a shift from sweet to savoury. This in itself is a little win. To go through a period of intense stress without stuffing my face with chocolate certainly counts as a win.

These are my Little Wins This Week. What have yours been?

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