7 Feb 2018

Eccentric and Crazy Ways to Heat Your Home

Most of us worry about the expense of keeping our homes warm especially over winter. The days are getting longer and the sunshine is a bit warmer, but we’re not out of the woods just yet.

Here are some eccentric, crazy and outright dangerous ways to heat up homes. It is all very well to read and marvel at their ingenuity, but bear in mind the potential costs and hazards involved with some of them.

You are probably sitting smug and happy, having made the most of low prices on home oil from last year. Everyone should be able to make small changes to stay warm on a budget and save money on winter fuel billsA few though, prefer some eccentric, crazy and outright dangerous ways to heat their homes. It is all very well to read and marvel at their ingenuity, but bear in mind the potential costs and hazards involved with some of them.

Using your tumble dryer as a heater

This has to be the biggest false economy known to householders. Standing next to a freshly dried load of laundry with the tumble dryer open does leave you feeling warm and cosy. But the feeling is short-lived and given the amount of electricity used, substituting the tumble dryer as an alternate source of heat is simply not savvy. Of course, if you have a busy household with several laundry loads a day, then this method might add a few degrees to your utility room while the rest of the house is left shivering.

Leaving your oven door open after cooking

If you’ve been baking a cake or making a roast then opening your oven door will send out some heat, it’s true. If your kitchen is well-insulated then you will feel some benefit, and it’ll provide a welcome warm-up for a short period of time. But turning on your oven and leaving the door open when you’re not cooking has to be the craziest idea ever! The same applies to turning on the hob, which is dangerous as well as very expensive. Please, please, don’t ever do it.

Turning on a toaster repeatedly

This is in the same league as the oven and the hob – expensive and outright dangerous. If you’re making lots of rounds of toast every morning, then the heat generated by the busy toaster will be very welcome indeed. But with no bread to toast, this is a potential fire hazard and is not something anyone should be doing to keep themselves warm.

Opening curtains on a bright day

This actually might be the one that works. A sunny but cold day can work wonders on the mind and body. The sunshine may lack warmth, but has enough in it to be uplifting. Throw open those curtains and let the sun do its thing. Better still, step outdoors and make the most of the winter sunshine.

Leaving warm water in the bath

This is extremely counter-productive. Of course, some heat will escape from the water for a short length of time, but so will a load of steam until, eventually, the water is cold. That steam will coat windows and walls, creating a damp atmosphere which not only ends up feeling cold and clammy, but causes mildew and mould. More trouble than it’s worth, really.

Lots of candles

They look pretty on the television (remember that episode of Friends where Monica and Chandler get engaged), but you’d have to light a dangerous number of candles to heat a room up to any meaningful degree. So, you have the fire risk and the expense of dozens of candles every week. Just use heating oil, it’s much safer and cheaper.

Some of these methods are effective, some of the time. Like if you have a big kitchen that everyone hangs out in and you do a lot of cooking, you can get away with turning down the thermostat. Most are outright dangerous and are best left well alone.

Do you have any innovative and non-dangerous ways of heating up your home?

*Collaborative post

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