25 Jan 2018

Love or Lust - Can Valentine's Day Rekindle That Spark?

Valentine’s Day – Bah! Humbug

So who else has had enough of all that lovey-dovey sweetness that goes with Valentine’s Day? I most certainly am past all the saccharine sugariness.

Why you need a specially designated day to celebrate love is simply beyond me. It is okay when you are younger and have stars in your eyes and dreams of romance. Come the thirties, reality bites and love becomes more about working on your relationship, whether as a partner, fiancé or spouse.

Love or lust, you need both in a strong and happy relationship. And neither have to begin and end with Valentine’s Day. Use the day as an excuse to rekindle that spark.

Coming so soon after Christmas, do I really need to spend more money just to say ‘I love you’ to the special someone in my life? Agreed, it is a delightful way of breaking up the monotony that is January. With new year resolutions to stick to and healthy lifestyles to follow, most people are ready for a spot of indulgence by February. That box of chocolate and a bottle of sparkling wine is a welcome change. But it doesn’t seem to end there, does it? There has to be something else, another present to go with the chocolate as a proclamation of love. I honestly don’t see the point.

Love Or Lust?

That said, there is nothing stopping you celebrating this so-called Festival of Love. Go ahead, indulge your loved one with all that money can buy. Or not. Maybe a card will suffice this once. Not pink hearts and roses, but one that says it as it is. Lust, love call it what you may. But these cards by Love Layla Designs will make sure you never look at Valentine’s Day in the same light again.

They are cheeky, they are naughty, and they are printing what you are thinking. Each card is printed on thick paper and comes with a gorgeous deep red envelope in keeping with the amorous spirit of Valentine’s Day. The message on the outside says it all, but the cards are plain on the inside if you wish to pen your own words of love (or lust). If that wasn’t enough, also included is an inviting checklist that can only lead to one thing!

It doesn’t end there. Pick up a sexy sticker for that sparkling wine, some racy wrapping paper or a seductive badge for the love of your life.

Rekindle That Spark

Use these cards by Love Layla Designs to rekindle that spark in your relationship. Order a bunch of cards, each with a different saucy message and surprise your partner with a card when they are least expecting it.

Here are a few ideas to get you started:

  1. Post a card out to them at your home address (don’t want these cheeky things landing at their workplace).
  2. Leave a card out at breakfast – a little teaser of what’s to come later in the day.
  3. Start the evening with a card tucked away under their drink.
  4. Make date night extra passionate with a handwritten note inside one of these cards.
  5. Make a Valentine’s advent calendar, where they are allowed to open one card every day from 1st to 14th February.
  6. Go a step further and make the Love/ Lust calendar last the whole year. Open one card every week or every month, you choose the frequency.
  7. Use a cheeky card to break the ice after a fight.

Love or lust, you need both in a strong and happy relationship. And neither have to begin and end with Valentine’s Day. 

*Collaborative post

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