28 Jan 2018

Little Wins This Week #3

Little Wins This Week is about remembering that little things add up to make a big difference. It is about counting small blessings, however insignificant they may seem. Little Wins is about being mindful, staying positive and making each day count.

Little Wins This Week is about recounting all the little things that made a difference to me this week. It is about counting those little blessings that make all the difference.  What have your Little Wins This Week been?

I have decided to blog about my Little Wins as I believe putting it down in words will consolidate the good. I plan to do this every week, recounting all the little things that mattered to me that week. The focus will be on staying upbeat and looking for that silver lining even to the darkest of clouds.

Please feel free to write about your Little Wins and tag me so I can come along and have a read.


I managed to post four times this week, which is roughly what I have in mind as my posting schedule. It would be wonderful to up my game and push myself to write and post more content. But for now, I am pleased with how January has been shaping up.

I was keen to develop my YouTube channel at the beginning of the year. Following the recent de-monetisation scam, I have changed my mind. I have come to terms with what it will mean to my channel and have decided that YT is no longer my priority. To be honest, I was never comfortable in front of the camera. I am happier behind it, taking pictures and writing. So that’s what I intend to do.

Fitness and Health:

The focus this week was more on health and well-being rather than on physical fitness. I managed one cycling session at the gym, pedalling for 45 minutes and covering 10.4 miles. Overall though, I was feeling rather miserable, with no real reason or explanation for it. So on Saturday, while M took over parenting duties, I gave myself a couple of hours to sit and meditate with mindfulness. It seemed to have done the trick as my mood and productivity have both improved since.

Weight Loss:

The weight is steady at 85 kgs, which is a bummer. On the positive side, I have had three whole chocolate and snack-free days. I have devised a strategy to help me cope with my snack addiction and will be writing about it this week.


This one is never easy. It is always up and down and roundabout when it comes to peaceful parenting. All I say is this. I have noticed that I am a better, calmer parent when I am at peace with myself.

Everything Else:

I was at our local library this week, and quite by chance, picked up the most wonderful book by Stephen Fry. It is called The Ode Less Travelled and promises to unlock the poet within. Having read the first few pages, I have to say, it looks promising.

Saturday saw us getting together with a few friends for an evening of fun and food. It was a family affair, and while the children played board games and the Fathers chatted sedately, us Mums got giddy on diet coke and bawdy humour. I haven’t laughed so much in a very long time and can now thoroughly recommend laughter as the best therapy for the blues.

These are my Little Wins This Week. What have yours been?

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