9 Jan 2018

6 Ways To Make Your New Year Resolutions Stick

Do you know why most New Year Resolutions fail? It’s because we start them on a day when we’re exhausted from the excesses of the night before. You can’t expect to eat healthy, exercise and bullet journal your entire life when all you would rather do is eat a fry-up, guzzle coffee and nurse that hangover in bed.

So do New (Year) Resolutions never stick? Sure they do, if you know the right way of going about making them.

Here are 6 ways to make sure your New Year Resolutions stick.

So do New Year Resolutions never stick? Sure they do, if you know the right way of going about making them. Here are 6 ways to make sure your New Year Resolutions stick.

1) Controversial, but pledge to start your New Resolutions on the 2nd of January. Or perhaps even later, on a day of your choice when you are well-rested and focussed. Social conventions be damned, this is your life. So get in charge of it.

2) Instead of taking on unrealistic challenges, aim to make little changes to your daily routine. “I will exercise for 30 minutes every other day” is more achievable than “I will run a marathon this year”, when the starting point is the couch. Reach for the stars, but break the journey down into bite-sized milestones to keep the momentum going.
Make That Change

3) Diets don’t work, no matter what the claims and celebrity endorsements say. The very premise of ‘going on a diet’ means you will come off it at some point. The weight will come straight back on too!

Instead of going on a diet, decide to change one thing at a time about the way you eat. Try “I will eat a slice of cake only on a Saturday,” instead of “I will never eat cake”. The former gives you something to look forward to while the latter just makes you miserable and scoff cake.

4) Habits of a lifetime cannot be changed overnight. It takes time, effort and perseverance to set right that what has been going wrong for months or even years. Keep your expectations real and you will not be disappointed.

5) Another thing. Don’t let failure deter you. So you slip up on day 3 or 10 or 15. So what! The fact that you have acknowledged the problem and decided to do something about it is a great start. Carry on building on it one day at a time. A day of not sticking with your resolutions needn’t alter your resolve. Let tomorrow be a new day when you bounce straight back.

6) Be accountable to yourself. Try making excuses to yourself. Not in your head, but by looking yourself in the eye in a mirror or selfie camera. You will never want to do it again. Ergo, you will stop making excuses and stick to your resolutions instead.

So go ahead, make those New Resolutions today. Let the changing of the date on a calendar have nothing to do with your resolve to better your life. 

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