4 Dec 2017

Festive Red and Green Gin Cocktail Recipe

It was last year on New Year’s Eve when a few of us got together to celebrate. With no prior training or experience, all it took was a few G&Ts before we were signed up to do a 60 mile bicycle ride. On a more sensible note, there were plans to organise and run a book club. We were to meet every month and discuss a book we had all read. The idea was to get everyone reading again.

As things stand, all of us completed the cycle ride as planned. The book club is another story. It has slowly but surely morphed into a Gin Club. So we girls meet every month as per the original plan. But instead of discussing books, we end up drinking gin and talking bicycles instead. And we always play 80s music.

This Red and Green Gin Cocktail is the perfect drink for this festive season. Liven up your Christmas or New Year party with this quick and easy gin cocktail recipe.

Having heard of our Gin Club, the English Gin Company kindly sent me a bottle of their Cucumber Gin to sample. This aromatic gin infused with cucumber, with a juniper base and notes of pepper, coriander and citrus, is the perfect drink for summer.

So what are we doing drinking it in the run up to Christmas?

With a little imagination, I was able to transform the Cucumber Gin to a Red and Green Gin perfect for the festive season. It went down a treat at Gin Club.

Here is how I stirred up my version of a Festive Red and Green Gin Cocktail. It is quick and easy to make without the need for fancy gadgets or expensive equipment.

30 ml cucumber gin
250 ml diet tonic water
1/2 teaspoon lime juice
25-30 pomegranate pearls
7-8 mint leaves + a mint sprig for the garnish
3 thin cucumber slices
crushed ice

Crush ice by placing it in a freezer bag and whacking it with a rolling pin. Works a treat and is strangely therapeutic. Fill the gin goblet with crushed ice.

Place the gin, 30 mls tonic water, lime juice and mint leaves in a glass. Muddle and mix thoroughly with a spoon. Top up with the remaining tonic water. Give it another stir, before pouring the mixture over crushed ice. Garnish with a mint sprig, cucumber slices and pomegranate pearls.

This Red and Green Gin Cocktail is great any time of year, but more so over Christmas. With green cucumber and mint and beautiful ruby red pomegranate gems, the Red and Green Gin Cocktail enthuses the spirit of the festive season.

Are you a fan of gin? How do you like drinking your G&T?

Disclosure: I was sent a bottle of Cucumber Gin to review. All opinions are my own.

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