30 Dec 2017

Blog Self Assessment - How Was 2017 For Your Blog?

Another year come and gone
A sense of déjà vu,
Try and restore some calm.

A lot has happened in 2017, in my life and the world around me.

There is no point in me dwelling on what has happened in the world. The good, the bad and the positively ugly - there are enough TV shows and newspapers running round-ups of how intense the year has been.

There is no point in me dwelling on what has happened in my life either. What is gone, is gone. There is little to be gained by mulling over the past or worrying about the future.

Instead, I will focus my energies to look at what 2017 meant for my blog.  I will treat it as a sort of blog self assessment, something that will help me take stock and plan for the coming year.

Instead of dwelling over what 2017 did to the world and me, I will focus on what 2017 meant for my blog.  I will treat it as a sort of self-assessment, something that will help me take stock and plan for the coming year. Have you done a blog self-assessment for 2017?

Here goes.

Posts Published – 

108 (109 if I include this one). This is a poor average, even by my procrastinating standards. I blame the cycling. Most of the spring and summer was spent training for the big bike ride, with little time spent blogging. Better time management for the coming year is called for.

Top-performing Post – 

It has to be the one with the crochet hat that included an easy-to-follow, free pattern. I loved making my hat. I love wearing it in the cold as it keeps me snug and warm. Did I mention the lovely compliments that inevitably follow?

Post That was Difficult to Write – 

would be my review of the iPhone X. I adore my new phone and admire its gorgeous features almost every day. Yet I struggled to write about my experiences with this marvellous piece of tech. It could be because it left me so overwhelmed that I was lost for words. Won’t be the first time when emotion has rendered me speechless!

Post I Hope Will Make A Difference – 

is the one about the emergency phone card for children. Something so simple, yet with the potential to make a huge difference. Please, please, if you read and share just one post from my blog, make it this one.

Post That Struck a Chord – 

was the one about introverts making successful bloggers. Controversial? Ironical? Perhaps. But it certainly provided food for thought.

Post That Fell Flat On Its Face – 

my poetic take on the ICC Champions Trophy final. If you love cricket and love to read, this is for you. Sadly, there are not many that share these dual passions. Hence the lacklustre and lukewarm response to what was an intensely emotional piece to write.

Surprise of the Year – 

was how well a couple of my videos were received on YouTube. My channel is just a fledgling with a small following. But the response to these videos took me by surprise. Here is one that was my absolute favourite – fun to make and fun to watch.

Now did that help me plan a blogging strategy for 2018? Maybe and maybe not. But it was fun flicking back through my blogging memories and now I am stuck with a grin on my face. Not bad, considering I opened this post with a morose and somewhat depressing tercet.

Have you done a blog self assessment for 2017? 

I am tagging the lovely Zena (Zena’s Suitcase), Tas (Not My Year Off), Claire (Girl Geek Up North), Katie (Living Life Our Way), Caitlin (Real Mom Recs), Jaki (Jakijellz), Laura (Miss LJBeauty) and Jennie (Rice Cakes and Raisins) to do theirs. 


  1. Ahh thank you for tag. I love this idea and it's such a good way of looking back at everything. Happy new year Vai. Hope to see you very soon xx

    1. Happy New Year to you too, lovely. Hope 2018 is brilliant. And yes, definitely need to have a proper catch up xx


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