30 Nov 2017

Christmas Toy Gift Guide for Under £20

Christmas is nearly upon us. Children are writing letters to Santa, festive adverts are everywhere and you are still wondering about what toys to buy.

If you are stuck and looking for inspiration, here are a few ideas to help you along. I have rounded up a selection of toys and games, all for under £20, that will make great Christmas presents.

From cute and cuddly to high-tech and educational, here is a round up of toys and games that will make great Christmas presents. And all for under £20!

All the products in this post are available to buy right now from Amazon. The picture link below should take you straight to Amazon marketplace, where you can finish your purchase.

Rubik's Junior Pet Puzzles

These puzzles are the latest from the Rubik’s range. There is a cute puppy, kitten, bunny and bear to choose from. They are based on the same concept as the Rubik’s cube, but have fewer mix-up possibilities. So they are easier to solve in just a few moves, making them perfect for children as young as 4. At an RRP of 9.99, they are excellent value for money.

Mayka Toy Block Tape
Every Lego fan needs a Mayka Tape. This innovative, highly flexible tape can stick to any surface. It has two rows of studs running along its entire length. Bend it, straighten it or curl it. Stick it to a wall or even to the ceiling. And then use your Lego bricks to create some amazing gravity-defying builds! Mayka Tape is available in lengths of either 1 metre or 2 metres in a range of different colours. Prices start from £6.99


Bananagrams is everything a game should be. It is fast, fun and educational. The letter tiles come encased in a banana-shaped pouch, making it easy to carry and store. The aim of the game is to build your own crossword grid as quickly as possible using your letter tiles. The original Bananagrams is suitable for ages 7+ and is available from 10.89. Variations for younger children and a party version are also available to buy.

HexBug Nano V2
Robotic toys are the must-have this season, but they can be expensive to buy. Not the HexBug Nano V2. These are gravity-defying micro robotic creatures that can climb vertically, horizontally, around corners, through loops and tubes. Each HexBug Nano V2 comes with its own straight tube, button cell battery and a connector that is compatible with other Nano V2 sets. Start building your Nano V2 collection from under £5!

Here is what these critters can do:

Star Wars BB8 Plush Toy

Here is a toy that is not necessarily just for kids. If you know a Star Wars fan, no matter what their age, they will love this adorable BB8 plush toy. The toy looks very much like the droid from Star Wars: The Force Awakens. It is of good quality and very cute and cuddly. Pick it up now from £10.

LinkIt is a picture card game designed to help children sharpen visual perception and language skills in a fun and competitive atmosphere. In LinkIt, players compete to find the link between the cards in front of them before the other players spot it. There are 5 themes to choose from. The cards come neatly stacked in a compact metal tin. LinkIt is available to buy from £11.95.

Despicable Me Lucky Backpack

If you love Despicable Me, you will want one of these! It’s not hugely roomy, but this white furry goat is nice to carry small bits and pieces. Lucky The Unigoat backpack comes with 1 zipped pocket, a grab handle and adjustable shoulder straps. You can buy it from £18.90

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