18 Oct 2017

Picturesque Glencoe in Popular Cinema

It is one thing to see a beautiful location in a film or television show. It is quite another to visit the place and experience it in person.  PCA Predict are set to launch an e-book exploring how certain parts of the UK have been transformed by their on-screen popularity.

The unspoilt landscape of Glen Coe, its unpolluted air and stunning natural light make it the perfect location for an outdoor shoot. Here are some of cinema's iconic scenes set against the stunning backdrop of Glencoe and the Scottish Highlands.

Take Glen Coe and the Scottish Highlands, for instance. They have always been a popular location for films and television. The unspoilt landscape of Glen Coe, its unpolluted air and stunning natural light make it the perfect location for an outdoor shoot.

Think Skyfall. Daniel Craig’s James Bond drives his Aston Martin through the dramatic scenery of Glen Coe, on his way to his family home in the Highlands. The mountains and glens (valleys) with the river Coe flowing through have all the drama that any thriller could ever need.

The history of the region gives itself to period features and historic films. Braveheart, the story of Sir William Wallace and his Scottish resistance, was shot partly on location across Glen Coe and the Highlands.

More recently, it is the Harry Potter films that have brought the Scottish Highlands into the limelight. A number of picturesque Highland locations served as scenic backdrops throughout the film series. Glencoe village was the setting for Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban. The main road through the village, seen above, was transformed to house Hagrid's hut.

The Glenfinnan Viaduct was featured in Harry and Ron’s flying car pursuit of the Hogwart’s Express in The Chamber of Secrets. 

We did a pilgrimage of some of these spectacular film locations on our recent road trip to Glencoe. It was wonderful to walk in the footsteps of famous characters like Bond and Harry Potter and re-live iconic cinema moments. Looking at the rugged landscape, it was obvious why the place holds such allure to movie makers. We could feel the magic, and we managed to capture some of it in our own photos and video clips.

Here are a couple of our videos. I hope I have done justice to the atmospheric scenery of the Highlands.

Have you visited a place as #SeenOnScreen? Do you have a favourite? Let me know in the comments below.

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