25 Oct 2017

10 Things To Do at The National Railway Museum, York

My son J loves trains. He loves playing with trains, reading about trains and travelling by train. So we took him to the one place that is all about trains – The National Railway Museum (NRM) in York. We could have driven over in the car but decided to make the day extra special by going on the train.

The National Railway Museum (NRM) in York makes for a fantastic day our for all the family. It is located just outside York railway station and offers free entry. We spent an entire day exploring the NRM. Here are our top 10 things to do at The National Railway Museum, York.

The NRM is located just outside York railway station. It is very well sign-posted and a footbridge from the station leads directly to it. The NRM is open from 10-6 every day except a few days over Christmas and entry is free.

We spent the entire day exploring everything that the NRM has to offer. Here are our top 10 things to do at The National Railway Museum, York.

1) Explore the Royal Carriages

The Station Hall houses a collection of magnificent royal carriages, including those used by Queen Victoria. It was fascinating to see a fireplace and a bath on board a train, let alone a radio and telephone.

2) Get on board the Shinkansen Bullet Train

This is your chance to step aboard the superfast Shinkansen Bullet Train – the Japanese invention that has revolutionised train travel.

3) Climb into the Cabin of the Chinese Engine

This is one of the largest engines in the NRM collection. At 15 feet tall, it towers over everything. You can climb into the cabin and marvel at the vast array of gauges and dials that controlled this enormous piece of machinery.

4) Admire the Mallard

This engine holds the world speed for record for a steam engine and it is easy to see why. With its sleek, streamlined design, the Mallard is nothing like your classic steam engine.  

5) Walk Under an Engine

This is certainly one not to be missed. Where else would you get the chance to walk under the length of a steam engine! There is a passage that leads under the belly of the engine that can be approached via a set of stairs. You can look up and admire the undercarriage as you walk along.

6) Watch a Turntable Demonstration

Find out how a turntable works and why it is necessary to move engines. Here is a video clip of the demonstration.

7) Discover the Legend of The Flying Scotsman

Nobody knows how or why The Flying Scotsman has become the stuff of legends. Here is your chance to discover the stories behind this iconic train. From initial blueprints to dining car menus, the NRM has an entire display dedicated to this locomotive.

8) Check out the NRM’s collection of Railway Memorabilia

The NRM is not just about engines. It is a treasure trove of all things related to railways. There is a vast collection of railway memorabilia on display alongside the engines and carriages.  

9) See Engines get overhauled in The Workshop

You can get a birds-eye view of the workshop floor where locomotives, carriages and wagons are repaired and restored.


10) Attend a Science Workshop

These are hosted mostly over weekends and school holidays. We took part in some of the ‘Future Engineer’ activities where we tried to figure out how a geo-maglev train works. We heard a talk about the workings of a steam train, with a cross-section of an engine to aid the demo!

We used our Family and Friends Railcard to buy off-peak return tickets from Manchester to York. This railcard costs £30 for one year and is fantastic value for money. You save 60% off kids’ fares throughout Great Britain and get 1/3 off Standard Anytime, Off-Peak and Advance fares across the National Rail network. We saved £28.50 on this one journey alone!

You can have two adults named on every Family and Friends Railcard. As long as 1 of the named adults is in the party and there is at least one child in the group, up to four adults and four kids (aged 5 to 15) can travel on every journey. Just make sure you carry your Family and Friends Railcard when you travel.

I wonder where our Family and Friends Railcard will take us next. It won’t be long before I plan our next railway journey. 

Disclosure: I was given a Family and Friends Railcard free of charge to take part in this project. I have received no other compensation. All opinions are my own.

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