16 Oct 2017

170 mile Cycle Ride - Week 2 Update

Week 2 of training for the Way Of The Roses hasn’t been great. The week started with two back-to-back gym sessions. I was supposed to go back for two more or do an outdoor cycle ride, but managed neither.

I am aiming for between 30 to 40 miles per week on the cycle through the winter months but did only half that this week. I refuse to make excuses for why I couldn’t do it. It’s in the past now and there is no way I can alter any of it. What I will do instead, is stay positive and focus on achieving my targets for this week.

A key part of this training story is to lose weight. I have a food plan that should help me do so at a steady rate. I am not skimping on fats at all. It is the processed carbs that are being culled. Here is what the plan looks like.

Training Update: Week 2

Gym bike – 21.5 miles at a level 10 on the Hill Plus setting over 2 sessions
Outdoor cycle ride – No sessions


I did step on the scales at the end of this week and what I saw was not nice. I had put on 2 pounds since doing the Blackpool ride in July, thanks to a largely sedate and indulgent summer. As expected, it has shocked me into action.

Weight: 13 stone 6 pounds

I haven’t replenished stocks of unhealthy food, so there is not much junk lying around the house to tempt me. I have decided to fall back on the diet plan that worked for me in the past. This is what it looks like:

Diet Plan:

Breakfast: Bowl of porridge made in whole milk with handful of sultanas and almonds
                   Cup of coffee with whole milk

Mid-morning : Cup of herbal tea + piece of fruit

Lunch: 2 boiled eggs
             Fistful of nuts (walnuts, dates, dried chickpeas, cashews, peanuts, sultanas)
            Bowl of full-fat yoghurt with a sprinkling of rock salt

Afternoon: Cup of tea with whole milk + 1 biscuit

Dinner: Whatever I make on the day. It could be dal and rice / rotis and vegetables / khichadi/chicken / pasta, anything. The idea is to limit portion size and not go back for seconds. I am not keen on salads, but will try and eat one portion of greens with my meal. M and J should be able to help me here as both are avid salad eaters.

After dinner: Piece of cheese + fresh fruit
                       Herbal tea

Need to remember to drink water through the day!

Part of the story is to lose weight. I am hoping this sensible diet will help me do so at a steady rate. As you see, I am not skimping on fats at all. It is the processed carbs that are being culled. I shall aim to eat enough healthy food to keep me feeling full. This should stop me snacking. A good, balanced diet should help with the training as well. Until next week.

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