12 Oct 2017

170 mile Cycle Ride - Week 1 Update

There are two things I forgot to factor in when I made a training schedule for the Way Of The Roses cycle ride - illness and injury.

Soldiering through plantar arch pain and sugar cravings! Here is how I did in week 1 of my training programme for the Way of the Roses cycle ride.

I booked in to do some weight-training at the gym in September. It was my first time doing weights, and it may well be my last. I had no trouble with the hamstring curls and the adductor machine. The goblet squats however, may have left me with some degree of foot and ankle weakness. I was doing the school run the next morning, when an awkward step off the pavement sent pain searing through my left plantar arch. I hobbled back home and instead of resting the foot, went swimming the next day!

Not sure if that was the right thing to do, but the pain has all but disappeared now. It was worse when walking and driving rather than when cycling. There was no way I could give up doing any of those activities. Walking and driving are essential on any routine day and cycling seemed to be doing more good than harm. I did an outdoor 20 mile ride and a few sessions on the gym bike without too much trouble.

This was in September. So how did I do in week 1 of training, come October?

Week 1 Training:

  • Gym bike – 11.8 miles at a level 10 on the Hill Plus setting (1 session)
  • Outdoor cycle ride – 21.6 miles at 10.6 mph (1 session)

That’s a fair start to the programme, especially as I managed an early morning ride on Sunday.

The sun was rising in a calm blue sky. It was cool without being windy. There was minimal traffic on the road.

Tatton looked spectacular in the early morning mist, golden rays of sunshine glistening from behind  trees. I spotted a majestic stag, but my camera wasn't powerful enough to capture a photo from a distance. It was worth the effort of waking up early, something I intend to carry on doing.

Diet Struggles:

It is the diet that has me worried. My sweet-tooth is making it incredibly difficult to steer clear of the sugary stuff. I have been eating madelines, kit-kats and meringues. Not good when you are trying to lose weight and build muscle.

I have to think of a strategy to overcome these cravings if I am to get anywhere close to that 13mph target. Perhaps getting on the weighing scales will help shock me into action! Until next week.

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