30 Oct 2017

170 mile Cycle Ride - Training and Weight Loss (Week 4 Update)

Week 4 of training for The Way Of The Roses was marked by October half-term, a couple of fantastic days out with J and M and the inevitable appearance of snotty noses. As temperatures dipped and the clocks turned back, J came down with a nasty bug.

170 mile Cycle Ride - Training and Weight Loss - Week 4 Update

We had a couple of cracking autumn days but a poorly child meant I was not able to go out on the bike. I did manage to sneak in two gym sessions through the week, including a spinning class.

Spinning can be incredibly addictive. Two classes in and I am hooked. It may have something to do with the adrenaline surge in class and the endorphin rush after. Or it could be the effect of the 80s pop music my instructor plays during the session. Whatever the reason, I can’t wait to attend.

Although training has been pretty erratic over the past four weeks, I am beginning to notice a difference in ability.  Unlike last week, there were no achy legs after this week’s spinning class. I was able to spin standing up in the saddle and felt a lot more confident about not falling off the bike. I have also upped the cadence when doing hills on the gym bike. I went down a level from 10 to 9, but the reps averaged 80 rpm as opposed to 70rpm from last week. Next step, push up the resistance and keep up the cadence.

Training Update: Week 4

Gym bike – 1 h 20 minutes over 2 sessions (1 spinning, 1 hill plus)
Outdoor cycle ride – No sessions


Still no sign of that weigh-in! The diet hasn’t been too bad, though. I have had more than my fair share of biscuits, cake and crisps. But there has been lots of fresh fruit and veg to compensate. Eggs and porridge took a half-term break, and should make an appearance next week. Until next week.

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