27 Sep 2017

On the Mawddach Trail, Snowdonia, Wales

J had been asking to go on a cycling holiday since he saw his parents do a big charity bike ride earlier in the year. Being only six means his legs can tire easily. So the prospect of riding at least 10 miles every day for a week is daunting. That, and at 6 years old I think he is too little to be riding his lovely Islabike on the road. He is brilliant on it but I can’t guarantee he will stick to the inside line and follow instructions – key factors to guarantee his safety when riding on busy roads.

So instead of a cycling holiday, we decided to do cycle rides through the summer on car-free, family-friendly routes. The first big one we did was on our week-long holiday in Wales. You can read more about our Welsh itinerary here, if you haven’t done so already. We chose to cycle along the Mawddach trail that goes 9.5 miles from Dolgellau to Barmouth along a disused railway track on the southern edge of the stunning Mawddach estuary.

Cycle (or walk) on the Mawddach Trail, Snowdonia, Wales

25 Sep 2017

Fauna at The Lowry

J and I were back at The Quays theatre at The Lowry. This time, it was to watch Fauna. J was excited even before the show started because we were in Tier 1 seats. He was perched on top of a tall chair and had an unobstructed view of the stage and everyone seated in the stalls.

Fauna opened with bird song. Six skilled performers then took to the stage. One of them took up the guitar and keyboard that sat in a corner. He went on to provide the live score for the show, while the other five performed breath-taking stunts in time to the music.

Fauna at The Lowry

22 Sep 2017

Secret Lamb Biryani Recipe Revealed!

Biryani has long been considered the meal of the Nawabs – princes of ancient India. The recipe was a closely guarded secret, passed along from one generation of royal cooks to the next by word of mouth alone.

My husband, M, loves a good lamb biryani and tried in vain to find somewhere that serves an authentic  version. In the end, he decided to re-invent the recipe in our kitchen. We now have a tried and tested lamb biryani recipe that is a firm family favourite. M loves to make it. His friends and family love to eat it.

After some persuasion, M has decided to reveal the secret to his lamb biryani.

Secret Lamb Biryani Recipe Revealed!

13 Sep 2017

Bala to Llanuwchllyn Ramble (part of Snowdonia Leisure Network)

The aim of today’s ramble was to walk from Bala to Llanuwchllyn and get the Bala Lake Railway back. There is also a bus service that runs on this route, if you miss the last train back.

Bala to Llanuwchllyn Ramble (part of Snowdonia Leisure Network)

We started this walk from the Abercelyn Country House where we were staying for a week long self-catering holiday.

We crossed the road to access the walking/cycling path that runs along the A494 from Bala to Glanllyn. There is a plan in place to extend this path all the way up to Llanuwchllyn, which will perhaps make this walk a lot easier and less adventurous than it turned out to be.

4 Sep 2017

Family Travel Itinerary for Bala, North Wales

Another summer has come and gone and we are back at school today. After a whirlwind few weeks where I was struggling to keep my head above water with regards to the blog, I now have time to reflect on the holiday that has been.

We spent the first few weeks at home waiting for the incessant rain to stop. We did have a couple of reasonable days with a hint of summer, which were spent in the park and meeting up with friends.

It was only in the latter half of August, when M had time of work and the sun finally made a more determined appearance, that it truly felt like summer. By then, the evenings and early mornings were distinctly cooler and already reminiscent of autumn. We were not about to let a little chill thwart our plans.

Family Travel Itinerary for Bala, North Wales

So we packed our bags, crammed the bicycles into the boot of the car (that’s right, the Honda Civic is not unlike the Tardis – you can fit the whole house in it and more), and headed off to North Wales to enjoy a much awaited break.

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