14 Aug 2017

The Eternity Rose - A Unique Gift Idea

A rose by any other name would smell as sweet. A concept immortalised by the greatest playwright and author that ever lived, William Shakespeare.

Thanks to those immortal words or otherwise, the rose now occupies a very special place in our hearts and our lives as a symbol of everlasting love.

Who can resist the charm of a hand-tied bouquet of long-stemmed red roses? There are times however, when a bouquet is not enough. You want to capture the romance of the rose but make it last for an eternity.

The Eternity Rose - a Unique Gift Idea

The Eternity Rose is just that. This unique concept in gift-giving comes from a company that specialises in precious metal-coated and glazed natural roses.

Natural roses are hand-picked at optimum bloom and are then coated in either 24K gold, silver or platinum. There is also a range of glazed roses on offer, where the natural colour of the rose is preserved in a glaze with gold trimming added to the edges of the petals and leaves to complete the look.

When offered the chance to review an Eternity Rose, I was torn between choosing the red natural glazed rose and some beautiful glazed rose jewellery. Oh yes, there are also some pretty pendants and earrings on offer too.

 I settled for the red glazed and gold-trimmed rose in the end.

My Eternity Rose arrived promptly within the week. It came neatly and carefully packaged. The outer box in cream, with ‘Eternity Rose’ emblazoned on it in gold, looked enchanting. Inside was a leather box, and as with any elegant jewellery box, it came with a gold latch and was lined in blue velvet. The Eternity Rose was housed inside.

For someone like me who loves a bit of sparkle and shine, the sight of the red, gold and green was mesmerising. Tucked inside the box behind the rose was the authenticity certificate.

I carefully eased the rose out of its velvet case. It had a lovely weight to it. The stem, plated in 24k gold, felt amazing to hold. What I couldn't get enough of was these red glazed petals and green glazed leaves, both lined in gold trim. That there was a natural rose underneath all the glitter was fascinating.

I am utterly delighted by this beautiful artefact. A symbol of everlasting love, the Eternity Rose is the perfect gift for that special loved one.

Disclosure: I was sent The Eternity Rose for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.

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