5 Aug 2017

Crochet and the Colours of Christmas

Regular blog readers will know that I have taken up crochet again after a long hiatus. I have enjoyed the calm and focus that it brings, so have persisted with this long-lost hobby of mine.

After successfully completing the Sky Blanket, a year-long crochet project that had me picking up a crochet hook after nearly 20 years, I have gone on to finish a few other pieces. Like this ruffle crochet flower and this easy woolly hat I made to keep my ears warm last winter.

Crochet and the Colours of Christmas

Early this year, I visited a yarn and sewing exhibition with a friend who loves beautiful yarn as much as I do. She was on a self-imposed ‘yarn diet’, but I went a bit crazy and ended up buying armfuls of the stuff to replenish my depleted stock.

I started a new crochet project in March with some burnished red, orange and gold yarn that I had picked up. It was to be a simple, but elegant stole in an easy pattern of double and treble crochet (UK terms), with some chains thrown in to give it a lace effect. 

Something to go with a little black dress. Only, I did not have a little black dress. Until I chanced upon this pretty one in crinkled lace.

I love how the material is light and moves around me when I wear it. It comes with a fitted inner cotton lining and although I might have to pull it in around the chest and waist a little bit, I like that it caters to my curves and non-standard sizing.

As for the stole, all the adventures on the bicycle over the last few months meant that crochet has had to take a back seat. Not for long, though. I intend to get stuck in with the yarn and hook over the coming months and have the stole done in time for winter. I intend to wear it with my black lace dress over this year’s festive season.

I think the gold and reds of the yarn will be perfect for Christmas, don’t you? (Oh, no! Too soon to say that word?)

Disclosure: This post contains a review sample. All opinions are my own. 

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