18 Aug 2017

Create with the Bunchems! BunchBot

Who else thinks this summer has been a complete washout? We are more than halfway through the school holidays and I can just about count the number of warm, sunny days we’ve had on the fingers of one hand.

J doesn’t mind being indoors that much, though cabin fever does kick in after a while. He amuses himself playing with toys or creating with them. Like with the Bunchems! BunchBot. We have had a laugh creating all sorts of 3-D shapes and creatures with this snazzy toy.

Create with the Bunchems! BunchBot

Bunchems are these colourful sticky plastic orbs that can latch on to each other in any manner you choose. BunchBot is a hand-operated machine that can be used to squeeze the Bunchems together.

The Bunchems BunchBot we have comes with 300 Bunchems in different colours, 8 different eyes, an instruction manual (which, by the way, is super easy to use), a booklet full of pattern ideas and the BunchBot. The toy is available to buy right now via the picture link below.

Once you have eased the BunchBot out of its packaging and released all the Bunchems in a pile on the floor, you can start creating your masterpiece. We picked a cute red monster-like thing as our first project.

The BunchBot holds something akin to a peg board with a 5x5 orientation. Ease it out of the bottom and slide the Bunchems onto the pegs, one layer at a time. Make sure to slide the peg board back into the BunchBot and press down with the side handles in between layers. This makes sure the layer gets compacted and held inside the BunchBot. Slide the peg tray out for the second layer to go on and repeat the whole process till the last layer is done.

Now it’s time to ease the whole assembly out of the BunchBot. This needs the introduction of the spiky board on top of the peg board. One final push down on the BunchBot, and your design should pop out at the top.

Once you have eased the project out, gently tease out the various parts, attach a pair of funky eyes and you are done. Just be careful when handling a finished project; they are fragile and tend to fall apart.  Not a big worry if you are happy to re-attach a fallen Bunchem by hand.

Here's a step-by-step video guide on how to create with Bunchems! Bunchbot.

The best part of this toy is that the Bunchems can be re-used over and over again. So there is no limit to how much and how many times you can create with them. You can challenge yourself by creating your own patterns and shapes too.  And there are no batteries needed.

Some toys just hit the spot and this definitely is one of them! 

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