12 Jul 2017

This Girl Can!

It was early in the New Year when I signed up to do a charity bike ride along with a group of friends. 5 months of training culminated in the big ride this Sunday. I haven’t blogged about my progress in training, but there are snippets of my journey on my Instagram feed. Do pop over for a look.

Starting from Manchester, cycling 100 kilometres (60ish miles) to Blackpool and raising money in support of The Christie Charitable Trust was nothing if not challenging. I am pleased to say I did it!

As always, intense emotion makes me spout poetry. So here is a poetic take on what was undoubtedly my biggest physical challenge to date.

A wheel, a pedal, 
Sitting astride,
A few of us went
For a bicycle ride.

100k for charity
The challenge was set,
Manchester to Blackpool
My hardest one yet.

Up the hill and 
Down we went, 
On the straights
And round the bend.

Few zoomed ahead
Faster than light,
There was but one
Goal in sight.

To reach the finish
In record time,
Put in the work,
Sweat and grime.

The route was challenging
Not particularly kind,
Some of us* struggled,  (*Read ‘I’)
And lagged behind.

The downhill sections
An absolute breeze,
The many uphills made
Me pant and wheeze.

Rest stops, power bars,
That energy drink,
Helped a little, but
I was on the brink.

Six arduous hours 
On my hybrid steed,
Exhaustion creeping in,
I could do no speed.

The Lytham sea-front
Wasn't at all bad,
But the next straight bit
Was such a drag.

The last few miles
Stretched on and on,
I wanted to give up
But it had to be done.

Gritting my teeth
For one final push,
Crossing the finish
I did it, whoosh!

The cycling didn’t always
Quite go to plan,
But one thing is certain - 
This girl sure can.


  1. That's such an amazing achievement! 6 hours!? You must be so proud and have put so much work in to get so far. I love that your poem has captured the memory for you to look back on. Congratulations x

    1. Thank you so much! It took me that long because I am far too slow :-) Bit of a double-edged sword, really. Just pleased to have not given up and done it. xx


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