27 Jul 2017

The Tiger Who Came to Tea at The Lowry

Does anyone else think it is feeling more like the Indian monsoon than a British summer? As if the incessant downpour wasn’t a dampener enough, there are these mystery viruses doing the rounds and making life miserable. I have no wish to be hunkered down in bed during the summer holidays, but going by the sore throat I woke up to this morning, that seems to be a distinct possibility.

Viruses and rain notwithstanding, J and I headed to the local library to register him for this year’s reading challenge. This is his fourth year doing it, and I am so proud of how far he has come with his reading (more on that later).

We next went to The Lowry for what was undoubtedly the highlight of our day. It was warm, but J had insisted on wearing his tiger onesie for one reason alone. We were going to watch The Tiger Who Came To Tea and he wanted to look and feel the part.

There were lots of little people about, many of whom were waving Tiger cut-outs on sticks. But J was the cynosure of all eyes in his tiger outfit. We had kids staring and pointing and adults smiling at us. A couple of ushers commented on his splendid and appropriate choice of attire. J was thoroughly enjoying the attention.

It only got better when the show started. The lead actors in the play made their way to the stage through the audience. Sophie and her Mum were waving at all the children, and they too gasped, “Look, a Tiger,” when they saw J.

There was no stopping the child then. I have never seen my son so animated through a play. It did help that the production was interactive and required intermittent audience participation. J was clapping, tapping, singing and dancing whenever the occasion arose.

The Tiger Who Came to Tea at The Lowry
Image courtesy The Lowry

Having read The Tiger Who Came To Tea, it was interesting to watch the stage adaptation. The brevity of the actual storyline was circumvented by an elaborate family angle that focussed on the interaction between Sophie and her parents. It allowed for the inclusion of sing-a-long songs.

The Tiger was portrayed as a polite, gentle being with excellent manners, a charming personality, and with a hint of magic about him. I think it worked rather well. I am still trying to figure out how he managed to make all that food disappear!

J loved the show and I too ended up humming about the Tiger who came to tea and how it happened to you and me. All that singing made us very hungry, so we went to get some tea.

The Tiger Who Came To Tea is playing at The Lowry over this weekend, so do go watch it especially if you have little children who love the book or tigers. Why not pop over to book your tickets

Disclosure: We were given press tickets to watch the show and review it on the blog. All opinions are my own.

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