26 Jul 2017

Refract:17 and Anyday at The Waterside Arts

Should I be surprised that the first day of our summer holidays was nearly a complete washout? All plans for the morning were put on hold as rain took over our lives. So J and I spent the day baking a batch of banana and walnut muffins, improvising on the recipe as we went along since we only had one ripe banana.

Refract:17 and Anyday at The Waterside Arts

The skies brightened by mid-afternoon and after a quick meal of creamy vegetable pasta that M rustled up in under 15 minutes, we headed out to the Waterside Arts to watch a performance of Anyday.

Anyday is Max Calaf Seve’s one-man trampolining act that is part of Refract:17, a festival of experiential performances, music and events that are being showcased at the Waterside till the end of this month. It is about seeing things differently, being challenged and inspired.

“There is no gravity on that stage,” my six year old exclaimed in incredulous delight as we watched Max perform one stunt after another. Quickly followed by, “I wish I could do that,” in response to Max’s ingenious use of props and mid-air somersaults on the trampoline.

Never before had I seen a chair or a suitcase being used to do front and back landings on a trampoline. The trick with the glass of water had me mesmerised. It was almost magic. Things got a little hot under the collar when Max did a cheeky striptease halfway through the show. Nothing too risqué, and it ended with him changing costumes while doing back-flips on the trampoline.

I loved how it was not just a series of random tricks, but that there was a story being told through the stunts. One man and his pet bird, living an everyday existence on a trampoline, decide to go travelling. They have a few ups and downs, but it ends well.

Refract:17 and Anyday at The Waterside Arts

I can only marvel at the expertise that was on display tonight. To pack emotion into what is obviously a physically challenging sport and make it appeal to a family audience is no mean feat.

Refract:17 and Anyday have certainly changed the way I will look at trampolines!

Disclosure: We were given passes to watch and review this show. All opinions are my own.

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