30 Jul 2017

Outgrowing a Toddler Bed

It was three summers ago that J moved out of his baby cot into a toddler bed. We did up his room then, complete with lots of Thomas the Tank Engine decals, toy boxes and a big bookcase.

He is six years old now, tall for his age, and is very snug in his toddler bed. The time has come to move him into a proper sized ‘big boy’ bed.

A Parenting Dilemma - When the time comes to move out of a toddler bed, do you make the jump to a small single bed, or go straight up to a single bed? Would you consider a double bed for a child who seems to relish the prospect of a spacious bed?

We already have a double in the spare bedroom, which at the moment serves as a holding room for clutter.  Seen as J loves rolling about in his bed and spins around like the hands of a clock, so that I have, on occasion, found his head where his feet should have been, we are seriously contemplating moving him into the double bed. It will offer him tons of space to spread out and sleep with outstretched limbs, if he so desires. Plus, we will have no choice but to de-clutter the room.

It means we now have to do up the spare room to make it suitable as a bedroom for my son. The paint and carpets are in good condition. There is a perfectly functional chest of drawers and wardrobe that can house his clothes. What the room really needs is a good ceiling lamp, something that is functional yet stylish, contemporary but affordable. And one that is to my son’s liking.

The current ceiling lamp is in dire need of an update

That, and a new set of bedding. He will continue with a 4.5 tog toddler duvet, as J is one of those children who tends to heat up very quickly. Given that he moves about such a lot in his sleep, I would rather my son have a small, light duvet that he can move around with him. But we will be buying a new, waterproof mattress protector and covers.

The move from toddler to double bed means J gets the luxury of space in a larger room, while the smaller room continues to house his toys and functions as a play room. It might mean the parents can reclaim the lounge as a more grown-up living space devoid of train tracks and cars. Or is that just wishful thinking?

What do you make of this idea of moving from a toddler bed to a double bed? What did you do when faced with this dilemma?

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