20 Jul 2017

How the Internet Revolutionised Blogging

Can you imagine life without the Internet? Where would we be without it? I wouldn't be writing this blog nor would you be reading it if it were not for the Internet. 

As a blogger, Internet forms an integral part of my working life. The entire idea of an online journal stems from the premise that I have unfettered access to the World Wide Web, and I can call one tiny iota of it my own.

How the Internet Revolutionised Blogging

I have written about this in the past, but being a successful blogger is no longer the remit of brilliant writers. You may love it or loathe it, but social media has now become an integral part of blogging, much like it has of most things. From the Government to the corner shop, everyone is on social media now. And we have the omnipresent Internet to thank for it.

It has changed the way we blog, it has changed the way we live. 

I was at the launch of a cultural event this evening and decided to go live for my first ever Facebook Live. Thanks to brilliant Internet connectivity, I was able to post this gorgeous music online as I was watching it live. I never thought I would say this, but the idea that my readers and followers got to experience the moment with me was thrilling and strangely gratifying.  You were there without actually being there with me. An impossible feat in the absence of a fast, reliable Internet connection, something like Talk Talk Business.

Is it intrusive? Only if you want it to be. As a blogger, I am okay sharing my thoughts and experiences, live or otherwise. The whole idea of an online presence is you want the world to know you and what you get up to. You learn from the experience of others and hope your writing will, in turn, assist someone else. 

My only advice is this. Draw the line the moment you think you are not comfortable doing something. If you're not happy sharing something online, don't do it. It may mean having to give up on an opportunity, passing up on a campaign. But hey, you get to keep your integrity. 

Disclosure: Collaborative post written for the #BroadbandAndMe campaign.

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