18 Jun 2017

It's Not Cricket!

There is no disgrace in defeat, but in the manner of succumbing to it. 

                 It's Not Cricket!

You can't win them all, but when you fold in and give up without a fight, it's simply called 'taking the p***'.
That's exactly what the Indian cricket team seemed to do today in the final match of the ICC Champions Trophy. 

The stage was neatly set
For an enthralling game of cricket 
The sun shining in a cloudless sky
On what seemed the perfect wicket.

India took on Pakistan in the 
ICC Champions Trophy final
With fans warring on Twitter 
And memes going viral.

This clash of age-old rivals
Built up to be a cricketing ace
India's ferocious batting was to
Break Pakistan's bowling pace.

All it took was one mistake 
To turn the game on its head,
One wicket that stood denied
One catch to a no-ball played.

A point of no return reached
As the score mounted to 338,
It felt as if the Indian players
Stood resigned to their fate.

Supporters watched dumbstruck 
As wicket after wicket tumbled
Shock mingled with rage, horror, 
As the Boys in Blue crumbled.

This game, touted to be so special,
I'd paid good money to watch,
I feel cheated, short-changed even
To have watched such a complete botch!

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