13 May 2017

An End

This is it. My last plea for help. I can face it no longer. The demons in my head. The tears that stream down my face. Relentless, like the rain that thuds on the window panes.

An End - a short story inspired by the sea

I cannot go on like this for long, torn between a sense of duty and fear. An ache in my belly at the very thought of facing another day. A day that holds no promise and brings little solace.

The fog thickens and hangs heavy all around me. It has seeped through me, into my very being and now clouds my existence. I am lost in a haze.

I can’t see where I am going. There is nowhere to go. My feet drag heavy like lead and the path ahead leads to nowhere, into nothingness. It circles back to where it started instead.

Words refuse to form on my lips. Silenced forever by threatening whispers that haunt every waking moment. What can I say that hasn’t been said before, repeated over till there was nothing more left to hear?

The time has come to end it. As unceremoniously and ungraciously as it all began. No-one was listening to my anguished cry then. And no-one can hear my silent screams now.

I can feel the calm of the deep blue sea all around me. The soft, white sand under my feet is cool and soothing. I hear the gulls screech. It sounds like the constant cacophony in my head, behind closed eyes, even as I try to snatch a moment of peace.

All I need do is take one step. And then another. And another, till it I reach the end. An end to the anguish. No more noise and no more sad tears.

Prose for Thought


  1. This is fabulous. It was a little heartbreaking to read but in a good way as it took me right to that place (if that makes sense) and I really felt the urge and need to take that step #prose4t

    1. Thanks, hun. Glad you liked the piece. I try to write happy ones, but just can't seem to! Maybe next time :-)

  2. Gosh this is tragic but very powerful. Great writing.

  3. This is such a powerful piece of writing - and I really like the way that the reader is left guessing what that next step might be. Thank you for linking to Prose for Thought x

  4. Oh I do hope she didn't quite take those steps. I really the despair, desperation and yet the doubt too. I'm popping over from Britmums poetry roundup.


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