3 Apr 2017

Lego Ninjago at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

Isn’t it amazing how clued up children are when it comes to contemporary play characters? I had no idea what Ninjago was, but my nearly 6 year old son had this twinkle in his eye at the mere mention of the possibility of a family day out involving Lego Ninjago. I have obviously underestimated the role of peers in my child’s quest for knowledge!

So it was that J gave us a discourse on all things Lego Ninjago as we headed to the Legoland Discovery Centre to be part of the launch of their new Lego Ninjago City Adventure play area.

Lego Ninjago at Legoland Discovery Centre, Manchester

While we waited for the official opening of the play area, we had a chance to explore some of our old favourites at the Legoland Discovery Centre. Like the Laser Kingdom Quest and Merlin’s Apprentice rides. J loved and remembered these from our last visit. He was too young to go on the Lego City Forest Pursuit last time, so was pleased to be able to drive his own police car round the circuit this time around. Complete with his favourite flashing blue lights.

The Ninjas have taken over Blackpool Tower!
The Ninjas have taken over Blackpool Tower!

Once officially open, the Ninjago play area got swamped by all the kids and their parents. There are four major zones of play: Ninjago Build Table
                                          Ninja Skill training
                                          Interactive Adventure playground and
                                          Rotating Climbing Wall

Here's a little video clip of the VIP opening and the play zones of Ninjago City:

J spent a few minutes constructing at the build table, decided he did not want to undergo any skill training and headed straight for the adventure playground. It was difficult to spot him, partly because there were so many kids everywhere and partly because of the poor lighting around the play area. But I caught glimpses of him as he crawled through tunnels, climbed up to the slide and dived into the ball pool. He emerged every once in a while to show me some new thing he had discovered or new trick he had learned.

There came a point in the evening when M and I decided to pry J away from the play area and catch a showing of a short film in the Lego 4D cinema. It was showing Nexus Knights. J was delighted by the evil magic book that threw up Lego bricks. We have since recreated that scene at home, J eagerly pretending to bring up flying Lego bricks!

We took time out to watch a 4D cinema

Film watched, J was back in the Ninjago area, doing what he loved best. Weaving in and out, clambering all around the soft play frame till it was time to go home. But not before he had a turn on the climbing wall. This is a novel feature, one I haven’t seen before. It is ingenious, for it doesn’t take up too much space and the speed of rotation can be adjusted to suit the climber. J went for a steady pace, partly because he is only young. But more so because the child was utterly exhausted with the amount of energy he had expended running around all evening in the Ninjago adventure playground!

He was the last one to scale that wall that day, and finished with his head soaked in sweat, his face aglow and tired excitement in his eyes.

We have decided to revisit the Legoland Discovery Centre soon and spend a whole day there. For there is lots more Lego to build and many more Ninja tricks to learn.

Why not plan your own visit to this family-friendly attraction? Check out the website for more details and to book your tickets online. 

Disclosure: We were invited to the launch of the new Lego Ninjago play area in exchange for this review. All opinions are my own.

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