17 Apr 2017

Brand New Kazoops Airs on CBeebies

My 6 year old and I watched the brand new episode of Kazoops together, and J very succinctly summed it up with, “Kazoops is fun to watch because it helps your imagination get bigger.”

Here is what he had to say about it:

“Monty the boy and Jimmy Jones the pet pig are two best friends who have lots of fun, imaginary adventures together. I loved it when the dragon was flying in the air, flapping its wings. And the hot air balloon. Daydreaming helped save the day!”

I could not have put it better myself. As a mother, I am constantly exalting the virtues of using imagination. So to see a CBeebies series that is in synch with my line of thought is heartening.

Monty is a little boy with a vivid imagination. Where his grown-ups struggle with worldly conventions, he dares to think outside the box and comes up with innovative solutions to problems.

This new episode finds the grownups struggling to move a piano upstairs. After a few initial impractical ideas, Monty and Jimmy imagine a dragon flying the heavy piano up and in through the window. Problem solved! The grownups adapt Monty’s clever idea and manage to pull the piano up through the window.

We loved the brand new Kazoops and hope it triggers brilliant new ideas in impressionable young minds.

Disclosure: We were compensated for our time to take part in this Kazoops promotion. All opinions are my own.

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