21 Mar 2017

Fun Science with Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill

My son, like most kids his age, adores bubbles. There is something entirely too fascinating about orbs of glistening liquid, shimmering with rainbow colours, floating up and away in the sky. Or popping as soon as they are formed.

J has spent many a day chasing bubbles in the garden. Or popping them at birthday parties. He has even recommended purchasing bubble makers as presents for his friends!

We had seen giant bubbles being made on our visit to The Science Museum in London, but had never quite managed to recreate them at home.

The promise of enormous bubbles got us incredibly excited when the Funrise Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill arrived home.

The Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill works on the principle of a water mill. The motor rotates the wheel, making it dip in and out of the bubble mix. The motor operates to blow air into the thin film of bubble mix as it passes over it, thus creating a bubble.

Fun Science with Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill

It came with a bottle of  Gazillion Giant Super-sized Bubble Mix, which helped in our quest to make massive bubbles. Not only did we create giant bubbles, we used the Bubble Mill in a Fun Science Bubble experiment. See the video to see how we did it and what we found out.

I love how this toy can help make science fun. What 5 year old wants to learn about surface tension! But if you set up an experiment with a giant bubble mill, learning becomes fun.

One thing about the Mill, though. I know why they do it, but it is incredibly frustrating when there are all these plastic ties to tackle before you can get the toy out to play. So it was with this bubble mill. The bottle of giant bubbles slipped out with ease. But I had to pry open the cardboard packaging to access the two plastic ties that held the mill in place. I then used scissors to cut the ties before easing the bubble mill out.

This product needs 3 AA batteries. I can't comment just yet on whether or not this is a battery guzzler, as we haven't used it long enough.

But we are certainly looking forward to making more giant bubbles this summer.

You can buy your own Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill now at Asda.

Disclosure: We were sent this product free of charge for the purpose of this review. All opinions are my own.


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