13 Mar 2017

Emergency Phone Card for Kids

I was very unwell a couple of weeks back. So poorly that I couldn't even sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time. A good friend of mine was helping with the school runs so I could stay indoors and keep warm. It's when I thought about doing the "emergency drill" with my five-year-old son.

Emergency Phone Card for Kids

I asked J, "Do you remember what to do in case Aai becomes very, very poorly?" We had been over this when my son was three years old. They had practised at his nursery school too, where they had mock drills calling 999 in an emergency. But all this was two years ago.

J comes up with, "I need to call an ambulance." Excellent response from my little one.
"And how will you do that, hun?" 
"I need to call 9......"

And that's when it struck me. My son had been trained to call the emergency number like every little child is when they first start school. But there had been no refresher courses! We had never mentioned it again after those initial zealous 999 pretend calls and nothing was practised since.

So then, what if there was a real emergency and my son couldn't remember what number he had to call? What if he was at home with only one of his parents and that parent became so unwell that my little boy had to make the ambulance call?

There is no guarantee that even after regular practise, a young child will remember the correct thing to do in the face of a real emergency. Like an unresponsive parent. I sincerely hope it never comes to that, but I have decided to do something about it. Just in case.

My son needs to know the emergency number to call.

So I have gone and designed an emergency phone card that now occupies a prime place near the telephone in our house. This is what I have included on our emergency card:

Firstly the all-important emergency number to call. 999 in our case, as we are in the UK. I have also included instructions on what buttons he needs to press on the phone to be able to dial 999. Again, just a precaution, in case he fumbles and forgets.

The bare minimum done, I have gone ahead and included a few other important telephone numbers he may need to get in touch with a responsible grown-up. Or if the emergency services need to, once they attend.

So we have Mummy's mobile number, Daddy's mobile number, and a couple of phone numbers of responsible grown ups who J knows can look after him when both his mummy and daddy are not around.

Do you have a contingency in place if your child ever has to dial the emergency number? I think it's a good idea to go over the drill with them ever so often. But if you, like me, would like a visual reminder for your child, then here is an emergency phone card that you can download for free.

There is one for the UK with 999 and one for the US with 911. I have also included one if you reside in any other country. Just fill in the emergency number for your country in the space.

Download the right one for you by clicking on the picture link below:

Emergency Phone Card for Kids (UK)

Emergency Phone Card for Kids (US)
Emergency Phone Card for Kids (all other countries)

I sincerely hope your child is never faced with a situation where they need to call the emergency services. But if they do, at least you know they know what to do.

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Must-have for Parents: Emergency Phone Card for Kids

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