21 Mar 2017

Fun Science with Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill

My son, like most kids his age, adores bubbles. There is something entirely too fascinating about orbs of glistening liquid, shimmering with rainbow colours, floating up and away in the sky. Or popping as soon as they are formed.

J has spent many a day chasing bubbles in the garden. Or popping them at birthday parties. He has even recommended purchasing bubble makers as presents for his friends!

We had seen giant bubbles being made on our visit to The Science Museum in London, but had never quite managed to recreate them at home.

The promise of enormous bubbles got us incredibly excited when the Funrise Gazillion Giant Bubble Mill arrived home.

17 Mar 2017

In Pursuit Of Perfection

Like beauty, perfection lies in the eye of the beholder. Imperfections become irrelevant when you learn to look beyond them and fall in love with what you see.

 Perfection is a myth. What is real is learning to live with imperfections and finding happiness in them.
Not all experiments are perfect. The results can be intriguing, nevertheless.

This is an extremely difficult ask for a perfectionist to whom nothing ever seems perfect! When you are forever grappling with the mediocrity that surrounds you.

I am a perfectionist. One locked in a constant struggle to overcome the habit. For I see my pursuit of perfection as nothing short of a vice.

15 Mar 2017

The Snow Maiden at The Lowry

I have never been to the opera. The only time I listen to opera is on TV or on radio. And most of it seems to be in Italian.

So when the invitation came to visit The Lowry to watch a performance of The Snow Maiden, I was both intrigued and petrified in equal measures. Intrigue won and I am glad it did.

13 Mar 2017

Emergency Phone Card for Kids

I was very unwell a couple of weeks back. So poorly that I couldn't even sit up for more than 10 minutes at a time. A good friend of mine was helping with the school runs so I could stay indoors and keep warm. It's when I thought about doing the "emergency drill" with my five-year-old son.

Emergency Phone Card for Kids

I asked J, "Do you remember what to do in case Aai becomes very, very poorly?" We had been over this when my son was three years old. They had practised at his nursery school too, where they had mock drills calling 999 in an emergency. But all this was two years ago.

J comes up with, "I need to call an ambulance." Excellent response from my little one.
"And how will you do that, hun?" 
"I need to call 9......"

9 Mar 2017

The Secret Mother

The Secret Mother by Victoria Delderfield is the survival story of a young Chinese girl and her struggles as a mother of twin daughters.

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