28 Feb 2017

What is In Our Holiday Bag?

This is my entry to become a #MarkWarnerMum. If selected, I will get to collaborate with Mark Warner Holidays as part of their Family Ambassador Programme. Exciting stuff!

I have penned down these verses to illustrate our top ten travel must-haves. Hope it gets you in the mood to creating your own holiday. 

What is In Our Holiday Bag? Our holiday essentials in verse

Here are all the travel essentials that M, five year old J, and I just cannot do without on a family holiday.

There is:
A bit of sensible, a bit of fun
Something in the bag for everyone,
No matter where we're headed
Cities, mountains or the sun,
We love our family holidays
Even before they've begun.
And packing is such a lark
When you know how it's done!

So what is in our Holiday Bag?

Hats and sunglasses 
Our prescription medication, 
Lots of reading stuff
Insect repellent!
Dressy clothes, casual ones
A pair of swimming trunks, 
Yearning to see and explore
Beads that sparkle in the sun.
A favourite bedtime toy (you know why!)
Good camera to capture memories of the fun.

And here is what family holidays really mean to us. 

Happy disposition, it's 
Okay to unwind,
Love, laughter always, and an
Inquisitive mind.
Delights, adventures 
Abound, they are
Yours to seek and find.
Beautiful moments,
Alluring locales,
Gather memories to last a lifetime!

And yes, don't forget your passports and travel money. And no, these don't feature on my list as it goes without saying that they are absolute essentials that you should never, ever forget when going on holiday!


  1. For me it's all about money, sunglasses, anti bac gel and a book to keep me occupied on holiday x

    1. I would add sunscreen to that list. Might put the antibac in my bag for our next one :)

  2. I try and pack lightly. Most important is passport, money/credit card and medications. If I've forgotten anything else I can always buy it when we get there.

    1. Absolutely! I didn't include passport and money/credit card in my holiday bag because that goes in a separate little hand bag :)

  3. I loved the little poem that was cute. It is definitely very important to take your passport along for the ride or you will be stuck at home aha xx

    1. Ha ha ha! There won't be a holiday without a passport, will there :-D

  4. Replies
    1. Yes, absolutely. I quite like the 0% credit cards as well.

  5. Love your little verses! I take everything but the kitchen sink hehe :) Best of luck for your entry x

  6. I love the last verse! It really sums up the relaxed vibe of holidays and beautiful moments is so right, it's great to have relaxed time as a family and create special memories.

  7. Love this. Such a clever entry and a brilliant list. Don't forget the sunscreen. And good luck. Hugs Lucy xxxx

  8. Money and travel documents are essentials. No holiday without them x


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