2 Feb 2017

The Australian Open Men's Singles Final 2017 (a review in verse)

"Tennis is a tough sport and we don't have draws but if I could have shared it today with Rafa I would have taken a draw."
– Roger Federer, Australian Open Men’s Singles Champion 2017

A clash of the titans
History will be re-written
Perhaps past their prime?
The pundits dare question.

Two men, one aim
Re-establish supremacy
Age has nothing to do with it
Neither does injury.

Years since they last clashed
Records made and broken
Turning the clocks back
On sheer will and ambition.

Two mighty warriors
Locked in ferocious battle
Only one can be the winner
The other has to crumble.

There are no favourites
Nobody can take sides
But a champion must emerge
Let the tennis decide.

Five hard-fought sets
Thrilling, nail-biting theatre
The match on a knife-edge 
Swings one way, then another.

Each stroke a class act
Almost unbelievable play
Neither willing to let up
In this masterful display.

Grit and determination
Championship at stake
One error, one mistake
Will decide their fate.

All it took was one last break
One forehand to find its place
Last-minute drama, a challenge
A clean winner from the Ace.

His tears said it all,
How much was at stake
Rafa’s agony was palpable
Disappointment and heart-break.

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  1. I didn't manage to watch it, but I got such a feeling of the tension and excitement from this poem. Love it. Thank you so much for sharing with #ThePrompt xx

  2. What a brilliant way to write, I am not a tennis fan but this made it sound so much more interesting.

  3. I have to admit to not watching it but my hubby was enthralled! I'll share this with him when he gets home. Love the way that you've captured it! Dawn x


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