20 Feb 2017

Schleich Wildlife Starter Set Review

J has been learning all about animals at school this last term. When Schleich got in touch about their new Wildlife Starter Set that includes a zebra, elephant, monkey and lion, it was the perfect opportunity to extend his play-based learning.

Schleich Wildlife Starter Set Review

As always, the quality is in keeping with the excellence you would expect from any Schleich figures. The attention to detail is striking. My favourite has to be the zebra. The black and white stripes look very life-like. My son seems to prefer the lion. This could be due to his current fascination with Disney’s The Lion King.

Another thing I like about Schleich is the weight of their animal figures. None of that cheap, flimsy plastic here. The animals feel solid and chunky to hold and can stand without support on any flat surface. This is important, for it is annoying when toys keep falling over in the middle of play and you spend most of your time trying to keep them in place.

J loves his new Wildlife Starter Set and it goes very well with the other Schleich figures in his collection, especially the Cave Play set. He can now re-create an entire jungle scene or watering hole in the Savannah, depending on what takes his fancy on a given day. The animals handle well and look strong enough to survive rough play.

You can now purchase this and other Schleich figurines on Amazon by clicking the picture link below.

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