2 Jan 2017

Sky Blanket 2016: The Finale

It was exactly a year ago today that I crocheted the first row of my Sky Blanket 2016. It was a mammoth undertaking and needed real commitment. 12 months, 366 days later, I have finished what I set out to do all those days ago.

It has not been an easy task and not something I will embark on in the foreseeable future. What was meant to be a 12-month long project ended up being a 9-month gestation with plenty of ups and downs.

I blogged about my trials and tribulations a couple of months back. It was then that I promised to come back with a final update on how I did the edging of the blanket. So here it is. 

Nothing too glamorous, I’m afraid. I was running out of patience, not to mention feeling weighed down, quite literally, under mounds of crocheted yarn. I kid you not. 9 months in, and the blanket is large enough to cover most of a super king bed. It got seriously daunting towards the end, me blanketed under nearly 6 feet of crochet, trying my hardest to hook an accurate DC along the edge.

Sky Blanket 2016: The Finale

I started off with the last pieces of sparkly black yarn, crocheting a row of DC along the top of what was the last row of my Sky Blanket. I went round one ragged edge, along the chainless foundation row I first laid down months ago and finished with a row down the other ragged edge.

The idea was to maybe do a wave or a shell stitch along the raggedy ends in an attempt to create an illusion of straight lines. There was a serious shortage of yarn. So before I went shopping for more, I took a step back and looked at my handiwork. It looked rather nice. Still ragged, still rustic, but quite pretty. The sparkling black DC had done the trick!

And so I decided to leave it at that. An edge-row of DC in silvery black to finish of my Sky Blanket. An apt end, given that sparkly black was my colour for rain. A splash of rain to hold together glorious spring sunshine, warm summer days, chilly autumn skies and a sprinkling of wintery snow. So like the skies over Britain, the inspiration behind the crochet.

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  1. Well done you! It sounds like quite the challenge. It must have been so satisfying to see it finished though. x


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