3 Jan 2017

Reading Challenge 2017

“If you don't have time to read, you don't have the time (or the tools) to write. Simple as that.”  - Stephen King.

I was never a voracious reader. That distinction belongs to my sibling, who has now authored his own science-fiction book. (You can buy it through the picture link below) 

But I was an avid enough reader who enjoyed regular reading and creative writing.

The Universe has a strange way of upsetting the balance of Life. Medical school happened and all reading and writing soon became very medicine-centric.

Life also has an uncanny way of coming full circle. My medical career is a thing of the past. Motherhood and writing is my present.

I paraphrase Stephen King: The more I read, the better I hope to write. It goes without saying then, that I have to set myself some reading targets if I am to achieve my writing goals.

Nothing over-ambitious. An hour or so of bed-time reading every day. Given that most books average anywhere between 200 to 450 pages, I should be able to read a book every fortnight if I go at a reasonable pace of 30 to 50 pages daily.

So the goal for 2017 is to read at least 2 books a month, making a minimum of 24 books for the year.

Is this ambitious? Or is this achievable? It depends on how fast I can read (with comprehension, of course). And it depends on the motivation to read. I have the latter and am working to improve the former. 24 is a reasonable target under the circumstances.

Here is a list of genres I would like to read in 2017. Feel free to pin the list if you are looking for inspiration. You can change it to suit your reading, but it will give you something to start with and aim for.

Happy reading!

Reading Challenge 2017

Disclosure: This post contains affiliate links. They don't add to your buying cost. They bring me pennies to buy coffee, that's all.


  1. What a great goal to set. I'm a bit jealous now. I don't think I'm too late to start one :)

    1. Not late at all! We're just 3 days into the new year. Plenty of time to catch up :-) I will say, get started xx

  2. Thank you so much for the mention! Also some story samples and a few poems on my site http://www.maheshparanjpe.com/
    A great list to follow - think I'll give it a try myself!
    A few recommendations if you don't mind?
    1. Any book by Enid Blyton :-)
    4. The 'Foundation' series by Isaac Asimov
    5. 'Cuckold' by Kiran Nagarkar
    9. 'Blowback' by Mukul Deva
    21. 'Uncle Fred in the Springtime' by P.G.Wodehouse

    1. Will add these to my list :-) Let me know how you get on with the reading challenge.


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