16 Jan 2017

Online Money Collections made Easy with Leetchi

Have you ever been that person who is always in charge of collections? Whether in the workplace or at home, are you always the one looking after that money envelope? And the list of who has given what and how much?

Perhaps it is time to move on from the hassle of it all with Leetchi.

I have gone all tech-savvy and been crowdfunding for an upcoming birthday. Here is how I got on.

Creating an account with Leetchi was really simple. I had the option to use my Facebook profile or register via email. Either way, it took minutes.

Online Money Collections made Easy with Leetchi

I then went ahead to create a money pot for a friend’s big birthday. There was an option to keep it private, which I did. 

If on the other hand, I was looking to collect money for a charity, I would have liked my collection to be public.

I also had to choose an end date for the collection to finish and had the choice to use my own image to represent my money pot. I was then prompted to write a little description for my collection – something along the lines of why I am collecting, for whom, how much you can donate and that all transactions are secure.

The final step was to set a target amount. Highly optional, of course, and not for our birthday pot, but something you might want to put in if you are aiming at one. You also have the option to hide contributors and contributions.

Once all the housekeeping was done, it was time to send an invitation asking for contributions. I could do this either via email or as a private Facebook message. There was also the option to share my money pot via other social channels like Twitter and G+.

That done, it is now a matter of waiting for all the contributions to come in. And then the decision on what to get as a birthday present. Never easy!

What I liked about Leetchi:
It is easy to use. It is a secure site, so I am confident that there is nothing dodgy happening with my money transactions. It takes the hassle out of chasing people for money and keeping track of all the loose change you get handed. There is no commission on making contributions. It is absolutely free to use the website if you choose to spend the money on partner sites like Amazon.

What I did not like about Leetchi:
There is a charge if you choose to do a bank transfer of the money. The number of partner sites could do with more choice.

Overall verdict:
Leetchi is a good option if you are looking at online fund-raising for personal reasons or charitable causes. 

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