15 Jan 2017

Make a START, Work SMART. Grow Your Blog

So you want to grow your blog? 


Make a START
Never give up
And stand apart.

So you want to grow your blog?   Then: Make a START Work SMART Never give up And stand apart. Here are tricks and tips to help you grow your blog.

Stand Apart

Find that focal point around which your entire blogging strategy revolves. Pinpoint your USP, what makes you stand apart from others in your niche. It took me the best part of three years, but I have finally zeroed down on my strengths as a blogger. Find yours.

Now play to your strengths. Think of ways to showcase your uniqueness through your blog and social channels.


Set Targets

There is nothing more detrimental to the growth of your blog than waffling along without focus. I speak from experience here. Having spent many a month dreaming about growing my blog, it is only recently that I discovered the key missing ingredient. Targeted focus.

Blog targets can be as varied as the number of blogs out there. Do not pick a target just because everyone else is. Set your own targets based on what you want to achieve from your blog.

Remember, there is nothing like an insignificant goal. If you feel it is important for your growth as a blogger, it is significant enough to feature on your list.  Page views might be important to one person, but number of social media followers might be another’s priority. Someone wants to work with more brands, while someone else wants to make it as a pro-blogger. 

Your targets should be the driving force behind steering your blog in the direction you want, when you want, how you want. So make them.


Those targets that you just set, make sure they are SMART.
They should be Specific, Measurable, Achievable, Relevant and Time-bound.

For example, it does not suffice to say that I want to grow my blog. If you say I want to grow my Twitter following (specific) by 3000 (measurable) in 12 months (time-bound). I want to do this because it will help increase traffic to my blog (relevant). I can do this by joining follow threads and by finding 20 new people to follow every week (achievable). Now that becomes a SMART goal.


Action Related Tasks

It is time to evaluate if there are any tasks that may not feature as your targets, but have a bearing on your blog nevertheless. Like learning a new skill perhaps or adding a new widget to your blog. Or finding a new app that increases your productivity.

Find those tasks. Add them to your ‘to-do’ list, slot a time to act on them and then do them. It may feel as if they are eating into your targeted blog goals. Believe me, they are not. As long as they are relevant to your blog, and not just time-suckers like social media!

Never Give Up

There is no room for self-doubt in your blogging journey. You are always experimenting, always learning and always growing as a blogger. And there is no reason to doubt your ability.

You have made a plan. Now stick with it. Persevere with your tasks even on days when it does not quite feel worth it. Be consistent, and you will achieve those targets you set to grow your blog.


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