5 Jan 2017

Join me on Instagram

Come and join me on Instagram, where I weave pictures into words.

It is by far my favourite social channel. A place where I combine my two loves, poetry and photography. Sometimes, a photo I have clicked inspires a poem. Other times, the poem comes first and I then choose a photo to reflect the mood. And then there are days when I just post pretty pictures with no rhymes at all.

If you have an Instagram account, I would love to have you join me there. For those of you who don’t, here is a little snippet of my photo/poetry posts.

From thence they march in
The nation's elected elite,
In the name of democracy
Behold, a political jamboree.
(This is a the entrance to the House of Commons at the Palaces of Westminster, London.)

A sprinkling of stardust
A cold dusting of ice.
Twinkling fairy lights
In a new moon night.

Alone in timelessness 
Sky melting into water
A moment of solitude.

Petals withered dry
Fragrant no more
Memories linger on
Etched forevermore 

Many a moment have I spent 
Silent tears running down my face 
Veiled in the shadows of a smile
Scattered pieces of a lost embrace 

That blade of grass
Trying to reach the sky
Perhaps it can,
It only need try.

 Shimmering silver of the water fades
In the gleam of delight that lights his face.

A blade of grass
An overnight frost
Shards of glass
In the brightness lost.

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