29 Jan 2017

I've found a New Love

You wait for something to happen all your life and all it takes is one drunken night of bravado to change everything.

I have found a New Love

And so it was with me. I was at a New Year’s Eve party at a friend’s place. The kids were all merry, the grown-ups relaxing over a couple of glasses of this and that. I got chatting to a friend over a glass of G&T (which, btw, was the best ever). The conversation went something like this:
Her: Do you like to cycle?
Me: Oh, yes! Love it. We cycled on holiday at Center Parcs and absolutely loved it.
Her: How would you like to do a charity cycle ride in the summer?
Me: I’m up for it
Her: 60 miles from Manchester to Blackpool
Me: Isn’t that a bit much?
Her: Oh, don’t worry. You can do it. (This, coming from a keen cyclist)
Me: Alright then. I’m in.

Turns out, she had a similar conversation with three other ladies and a couple of the men. And before we could gather our thoughts on New Year’s Day, we all got a message saying the deed was done!

Our friend had gone and registered all of us for the said 60 mile bike ride. Ten people, some of whom, like M, had no recollection of the conversation from the night before. Five couples, four of whom (I exclude our friend and her husband – they are keen cyclists and were ready to sign up anyway) thought she was having a laugh. No, dead serious.

You can’t do a 60 mile bike ride without a bicycle. So M and I went and got ourselves hybrid bikes in the sales. Great deal at 50% off. And cycling gear that I am waiting to be delivered. I get a thrill from the cold wind freezing against the hot sweat on my brow. But I do not like the idea of numb fingers and toes.

This is from last summer, when we rented bikes for a ride

I have been out on my bike a couple of times already, and have loved the surge of adrenaline as it courses through my veins. I love that feeling more than I love chocolate, and that is saying something. It has me well and truly hooked!

The first ride was about 8 miles, the second around 2 (cut short by a lack of suitable gear to combat a drizzle). 

As I was saying, you wait for something to happen all your life, and then it does when you least expect it. Who knew I was secretly an adrenaline junkie? Who knew, me, obese and overweight all my life, the butt of fat jokes growing up, had it in me to take on such a challenge?

I am still obese and almost entirely out of shape, but with the will to do what it takes to tackle the challenge that lies ahead.

Bring it on! 


  1. That's so good that you guys are doing this. I actually can't ride a bike, shame of shames but I've always meant to learn x

  2. I learnt very late in life when I was 15 but it is a lot of fun. To feel the wind on your face as you cycle. Plus the views x

  3. Oh wow that's amazing! It will be lots of fun and finding exercise that you love is a great thing. My parents are avid cyclists and do all sort of racing and they always have a great time

  4. Well done you! SO glad you've found something you enjoy

  5. I can't ride a bike. Never had the opportunity to learn.

  6. Good for you! I keep meaning to get back on a bike, but after 30 odd years off one, I am a little reluctant!

  7. Cycling is the best!! You get so surprised how far you can actually get. Good luck!

  8. Drunk conversations with my friends star like that and end with us signed up for something new to try lol. Have fun and good lukc

  9. That is the best way to enlist people on a charity challenge. Ha ha! Good on you for getting involved though. And it is excellent to hear that you love cycling. It must be so good for you. Hugs Lucy xxxx


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