23 Jan 2017

How to Crochet a Ruffle Flower in Minutes

The big Sky Blanket crochet project is done, and I am in no mood to snuff out my re-kindled passion for the craft. I don’t want to take on another marathon project this year. What I intend to do is crochet a wide range of crochet clothes and accessories instead.

Starting with this beautiful uneven ruffle flower. It is super easy to make, but can add that extra dimension to most anything.

How to Crochet a Ruffle Flower in minutes

Here is how you can crochet my uneven ruffle flower. I used a hook size 6 and a medium 4-ply acrylic yarn in Orange by Caron United (UK terminology unless otherwise mentioned)

Start – Ch 3 and join with a slip stitch (ss) to make a circle

1 – ch 3 to turn. Crochet 11 treble crochet (tr) in the ring. Join with a ss

2 – ch 3 to turn. 4 tr in the same stitch. 5 tr in each of the remaining 11. Join with a ss

3  – ch 2 to turn, 1 half treble crochet (htr) in each stitch. Join with a ss

4 – ch1 to turn. 1 double crochet (dc) in the same stitch. 1 dc in each subsequent stitch to complete the round. Join with a ss and tie off.

Weave in any loose ends.

This is a very basic crochet pattern, suitable for beginners. The end creation is highly versatile. You can use the ruffle flower to embellish other craft or crochet projects, like this crochet beanie hat that I made.

Or you can use it to build a flower-based project. Watch this space for ideas and inspiration of all you can do with this simple and pretty ruffle crochet flower. 

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