9 Dec 2016

Our Ladybird Christmas with Kitty-in-Boots

Remember when a few days ago I tweeted about J trying to make a Kitty-In-Boots snowglobe? The concept of crafting this snowglobe is not unlike the calm-down jar we made a while ago. You use glitter, glue, water and create a watertight seal. Only here the jar is upside down with a kitty inside it.

After colouring in the Kitty sheet, J decided he didn’t want to make a snowglobe after all. He wanted to make a bauble with a hand-drawn Kitty-In-Boots instead. Using Kitty from our printed sheet as inspiration, J sketched his own.

I think he has captured the essence of Kitty rather well, wouldn’t you say. (Sorry, Mr Blake.)

We stuck Kitty onto a piece of card. J decorated his artwork with glitter glue and sticker jewels. I threaded a piece of string and voila! Our Kitty-In-Boots bauble was ready to hang on our Christmas tree.

We’ve already made lots of Christmas decorations this year, from a tree topper to a wreath. We also have baubles that my son has crafted over the years. They may not look like much, but they are a labour of love. Each one is a memory of a Christmas Past. The Kitty bauble will take its place in my collection, a reminder of a time when my son was five and in love with Beatrix Potter’s timeless creations.

Our Ladybird Christmas with Kitty in Boots

For he is a fan of Peter Rabbit and friends and watches them in action on CBeebies. He has recently read Ms Potter’s first Peter Rabbit book. He admires Quentin Blake’s illustrations from the Roald Dahl books he has read. Little wonder then that J hopes to find a copy of Kitty-In-Boots under our tree come Christmas morning.

Here's where you can buy a copy of Kitty-In-Boots.

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  1. Such a cute and fun craft idea this will definitely be a fab reminder in years to come.

    1. I agree. Homemade and handcrafted is always so precious.


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