11 Nov 2016

Tired of Tackling Housework?

Hand up if you like doing housework.

Hmm, I thought so. There’s not many of us who enjoy doing household chores. There’s always one, like a friend of ours, who finds ironing clothes quite therapeutic. Most of us don’t. We just do it because nobody else would.

Hands up if you like doing housework. Hmm, I thought so. There’s not many of us who enjoy doing household chores. We just do them because nobody else would. What if help was on hand? Intrigued? Read on...

Is there anyone who really likes to live in an unkempt home? I know I’d much rather live in a beautiful, picture-perfect home, straight out of Pinterest. Who wouldn’t. 

But I’m me, and there’s only so much I can do to keep my house looking reasonably neat and tidy. It doesn’t help that the other members in my dwelling don’t always pull their weight when it comes to tidying up after themselves. J, because he is only five. M, because, well, he is M!

So there I am, scrubbing, cleaning and tidying around the place on most days. And then there are days when even the mere thought of tackling lingering crumbs of food under the sofa fills me with dread. I would much rather be doing something else with my time. Like writing this blog post. Or baking a scrumptious chocolate cake.

I suppose it won’t feel such a chore if everyone was doing their bit. Or I sprouted an extra pair of long, wriggly hands, not unlike those of Mr. Tickle. Imagine the ease with which I could tackle the laundry then! And get the bathroom sparkling. Neither is going to happen anytime soon. So I will just continue to moan about boring old housework.

Or get someone to come round every once in a while and help me with it. That wouldn’t be so bad, would it? It could work on the concept of many hands making light work. And then maybe, just maybe, my home would look like something out of a designs catalogue. For a while, at least.

Something like the Handy.com cleaning service would be so useful if you, like me, are looking for a little help to keep on top of your housework. It’s a shame they don’t operate where I live. But maybe they do around where you are. Why not take a look? 

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