8 Nov 2016

Sky Blanket 2016: October Update

It's been nearly a year since I embarked on what has come to be the biggest crochet project of my life. The Sky Blanket was my re-introduction into the world of yarns, hooks and crochet after a hiatus of nearly three decades. I invested in crochet hooks and bought armloads of yarn to reflect the colour of the sky. 

Sky Blanket 2016: October Update

There have been hiccups along the way - a month of absolutely no crocheting and plenty of catching up as I tried to keep up with what was meant to be a row-a-day project. After 9 months of crocheting (now doesn't that make it feel especially gestational), and running out of almost all my stock of yarn, I think my Sky Blanket is done. I still have to tidy up a few frayed ends and crochet a neat edge to hide the higgledy-piggledy sides. But other than that, my Sky Blanket is done.

Here is a snippet of the October skies that were the inspiration behind this month's crochet.

The inspiration behind this month's crochet

I'm doing all crocheting this month with a hook size 5. Here is my pattern for October from top to bottom, if you fancy crocheting along. Nothing fancy this month, just rows of half trebles and treble crochet. And like last month, a lot of split rows as I run out of more and more yarn.

Details of this month's crochet pattern in my Sky Blanket

1 - half trebles in turquoise
2 - half trebles in cloud blue
3, 4 - DC- chain- DC- chain- DC in variegated red/orange, similar to the row I first did back in March
5 - half trebles in cream
6 - half trebles in turquoise 
7 - treble crochet in sparkly black 
8 - half trebles in bluebell
9 - half trebles in heather
10 - half trebles in heather/ cream
11, 12  - half trebles in midnight blue
13 - half trebles in clementine orange
14 - half trebles in clementine orange / cherry red
15 - half trebles in cherry red
16, 17 - half trebles in variegated blue/green
18 - half trebles in storm cloud
19 -  treble crochet in bluebell
20 - treble crochet in bluebell 
21 - treble crochet in royal blue 
22 - treble crochet in royal blue / cloud blue 
23 - half trebles in cloud blue / turquoise 
24 - half trebles in turquoise 
25 - half trebles in turquoise / cream
26 - half trebles in cream / light grey
27 - half trebles in cloud blue / midnight 
28, 29 -  treble crochet in midnight 
30 - treble crochet in midnight / sparkly black
31 - half trebles in sparkly black

So that's it then. My Sky Blanket 2016 is done and I won't be blogging about it any more. Except perhaps one final post on how I did the borders.

J is all excited about finally getting to use the blanket. He has been very patient as I was crocheting it. Hope we have lots of happy snuggles under it, my warm, comfy Sky Blanket, even as the long winter nights draw in.

Sky Blanket 2016: October Update

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